An employee call off line from your answering service eliminates most all of the hassles, pains, and frustrations in dealing with employee absences and tardies. While you can handle this in-house, it’s a huge headache and prone to problems resulting from abuse, inconsistencies, and lax recordkeeping.

Turning your employee call off line, sometimes called an employee call in line, offers six critical benefits to your company. These advantages are so compelling that you can’t afford to pass them up:

A Simple Procedure:

An employee call off line from your answering service provides a straightforward method for all your employees to follow if they will be absent or late. They simply call one number. This one-number solution removes the need to keep track of numbers for different departments, shift coordinators, and supervisors. These numbers can change and calling lists become outdated or lost. Now there’s no excuse. One number does it all.

A Consistent Process:

When employees call your absence reporting line they will be greeted with the name of your company and asked the same questions every time. This is fair to all employees and removes any hint of preference or disdain. When employees know what to expect and experience it on a consistent basis, they are more apt to respect the process.

A Documented Transaction:

Every call is documented so there is no chance of misunderstanding. The calls are automatically timestamped, along with the name of the employee and reason for being absent or late, along with any other information you may need. Plus an audio recording of each call provides additional support and corroboration if it’s ever needed.

A Means of Conflict Resolution:

With the call documentation and call recording to back it up, there is incontrovertible support for exactly what happened and when it occurred. This quickly and effectively eliminates virtually all disagreements over whether or not the appropriate protocol was followed in accordance with the call-in policy.

A Shield Against Lawsuits:

In the rare event that employees contest punitive action or dismissal for attendance violations, the supporting documents provided by the answering service’s employee call off hotline provides substantial evidence to support the case (or encourage a quick settlement).

A Solution Everyone Loves:

An employee call off line takes pressure off shift supervisors to handle and document call offs, provides human resources with consistent documentation, and gives upper management confidence in the process. Plus employees appreciate the easy, fair process.

These six reasons provide ample justification to turn your employee call off line frustrations over to an answering service in order to achieve better outcomes at an affordable price.

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