Contact centers are the best partners for vaccine clinics and medical centers with the significant change in business and patient requests since coronavirus, Covid-19. According to the WHO, there are over 106 million confirmed cases across the world. This disease’s rapid spread has created unforeseen challenges for the people left to treat the symptoms and answer questions. In addition, when your receptionist or staff member is out sick with Covid-19, it often leaves your office with service gaps concerns for two weeks. 

According to Consumer Reports, “As of Feb. 2, at least 52 million vaccine doses have been distributed in the U.S. and at least 26 million people have received their first of two doses, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. President Joe Biden had said that one of his administration’s goals is to have at least 100 million doses of vaccine given within the first hundred days of his presidency.”

Contact Centers are Trained to Answer Questions about COVID-19

Now, in addition to dealing with the virus itself, your team may be seeing an increase in patient inquiries related to the vaccine. 

  • Who’s getting vaccinated? 
  • Where can I find data on the vaccine? 
  • Is the vaccine safe for pregnant women? 
  • What about a loved one in the nursing home? 
  • I have registered to get vaccinated. When do I get notified of the next step?

If these look familiar, how is your team answering these questions? In short, the answers to these pressing questions are continually changing. The CDC works tirelessly to keep their websites up to date with the most current information possible. However, this does not prevent curious minds from asking more and more questions. 

Do you need helpful resources for emergency preparedness? We have compiled the most trusted emergency preparedness sites here.

When your patients and clients call, how are you handling new questions? At Call Experts, our Expert agents ease the stress of these ever-increasing inquiries, provide answers using the CDC’s most up to date information, and offer analytic reports detailing information from these inquiries.

Since 2006, two-thirds of all U.S. health centers use contact centers. Why? Call centers provide 24-7-365 HIPAA compliant support to clinics and medical centers and are committed to improvement in the following areas:

– Client Engagement

– Caller Engagement


– Operations

Contact Centers Improve Client Engagement

Although Web and mobile applications have become popular interaction channels for offering health care client services, live agents using the telephone are still amongst the majority of chosen channels for individuals that look for support, appointment management, Q&A, and on-call needs. For example, it is essential an agent checks the CDC website before answering a question related to COVID-19. 

At Call Experts, our agents go through a 3-week training program to improve client engagement. Understanding the best communication techniques allow our agents to ensure your callers always hang up the phone happy! 

Contact Centers Improve Client Satisfaction

Just having a contact number for clients to call is insufficient to offer satisfying client service. The person answering the phone must know answers and get callers to resolutions quickly. Telephone interactions viewed as sluggish create unfavorable perceptions about your practice. Three-quarters of individuals who call customer support lines feel it takes too long to reach representatives, and more than two-thirds will hang up if they can not access a genuine individual. It is essential to partner with a trusted contact center partner with live agents available for callers 24-7-365, so your callers are never waiting for answers.

Contact Centers Create ROI

Medical contact center partners have a high capacity for ideal ROI. How?

– Customization and Consistency

– Outstanding Support Techniques

– Essential Communication Technology

– Efficient Mobile On-Call Scheduling Tools

Utilizing these tools leads to favorable word-of-mouth recommendations and existing clients recommending their health center to family and friends.

Call Centers Improve Client Management and Follow-up Effectiveness.

The growth of appointment reminders, mobile health-care management, and alternative payment designs requires health centers to focus on follow-ups with clients. Medical call centers that use outgoing calling are the best partner to support your business and ensure that every client has the follow-up required. 

We have all heard it – “It’s been an unprecedented year!” or “These uncertain times.” Where do we go from here? We keep going. We move forward, and we figure it out together.  Contact us today to get started with our COVID-19 Vaccine Support Lines.


This blog post was written by Corinne Johnson. Corinne is a Business Development Manager at Call Experts based in Charleston, South Carolina.