An answering service is an excellent solution for your HR team because it can handle employee needs easily and deliver the HR support you need. 

Your employees will be more satisfied with your service, but it will also increase your HR team’s efficiency. If you’re ready for HR support now, contact us

Read on to discover the benefits of hiring an answering service for your HR team and the type of HR support you could receive!

HR Team or Department Defined

An Answering Service can provide many benefits to your HR department or team. It can monitor employee interactions, gather analytics based on reporting, and improve your HR department’s service goals. You can measure employee satisfaction, burnout, and productivity with KPIs.

A well-defined HR team or department can improve the effectiveness of its service levels. 

The tying service delivery model is based on the three-legged stool concept devised by American academic David Ulrich in his 1997 book Human Resource Champions. In this model, a small team of corporate HR personnel provides strategic direction to the company. 

The three-legged stool model provides support and service to employees in different locations, including remote and mobile devices. 

The HR team should be able to answer a broad range of questions from any employee, regardless of the time or location of the contact. In addition to answering questions and directing employees to relevant personnel, an answering service can also help your HR team or department.

HR Department Roles Explained

A human resources team‘s primary job is to promote the success of the organization’s employees. The HR team is responsible for providing career paths and regular check-ins with employees to provide feedback. However, it isn’t easy to do all of this in-house.

A self-service HR platform is an excellent solution for answering basic questions and managing attendance. For example, with a self-service portal, employees can search for information about employee benefits and paid time off and easily log absences as they occur. 

Employees can then escalate their questions to Tier 1, which is the general support team of the HR department. Your HR team can gain insight into familiar problems and reasons for absences and streamline processes to solve them by providing a self-service portal.

Managing employee health and well-being is crucial for the success of any company. However, this role is often overlooked and ignored. Companies need to take the part of an HR business partner seriously and make the right decision. 

If the HR department isn’t taken seriously, it won’t be easy to maintain productivity and increase employee satisfaction. The time that an answering service can save is money spent on other aspects of the business.

The Challenges Faced by HR Pros

One of the biggest challenges facing the modern HR professional is adapting to the ever-changing business landscape. 

Managing change means keeping track of employee morale and constantly upskilling staff to meet the needs of a company. Communicating before, during, and after changes is key to successful change management. 

Communication should give staff a fair warning of impending changes and equip them with the competencies needed to respond.

The changing nature of the workplace means that HR professionals must take on additional duties. 

Compliance with laws and regulations is more important than ever. For instance, HR teams must maintain compliance with employment laws by tracking updates. 

And compliance requires careful monitoring of employment and employee data for government and IRS reporting. In addition, HR professionals must keep up with technological changes and integrate their tools with payroll systems. 

These challenges are all part of the overall job of an HR professional.

As Businesses Evolve, An HR Team To Support Is Essential

As business practices change, HR professionals must also adapt to these changes. Industries and technologies are evolving, new generations are entering the workforce, and globalization has boosted competition. 

To remain relevant, HR must stay on top of changing needs and address human resource challenges. Ultimately, this will help the company’s most excellent asset-its people. But it’s not easy. 

Retaining top talent is another challenge for HR pros. The job is complex and requires knowledge to attract the best candidates. And letting go of a worker can be difficult. In addition to the emotional toll, legal issues are another major headache for HR pros. Mistakes in the termination process can result in expensive lawsuits.

And healthcare is an increasingly demanding field for HR professionals. Employees expect their employers to support their career development. This expectation means that HR professionals in healthcare must collaborate with practitioners to ensure employee engagement, job satisfaction, and quality of patient care. 

While it may be expensive to hire new staff, investing in training employees will pay off in increased capabilities and retention. These challenges are only the beginning of the new opportunities facing HR professionals.

Automated Attendance Tracking for an HR Team

With an automated time and attendance tracking system, your HR team can focus on more critical employee development and training tasks. Instead of wasting time tracking and entering employee absences, you can spend your time improving employee morale with self-service time and attendance tracking. 

Automated time and attendance tracking also allow you to automate your leave management and eliminate the need to track employee absences manually.

There are many time-tracking systems for businesses, and not all of them are created equal. For example, a small startup team will have a different time tracking needs than a 200-person mid-market company. So, it is essential to choose a system tailored to your needs. To learn more about Abridged Tech, click here.

Automated attendance tracking is an excellent way to prevent time theft and track employee hours. In addition, it helps you identify unjustified absences and improve employee productivity. 

Many attendance tracking systems offer online clocking in and out functionality, allowing employees to record their hours accurately. By reducing the need for an HR department to monitor employees’ hours constantly, these systems also make it easier to manage your workforce and ensure everyone gets the time they need.

Automated time and attendance solutions also reduce the risk of human error and ensure compliance with company policies. 

Time and attendance are one of the most accessible HR functions to automate. Your people team will have more time to focus on more important tasks and save money by automating time and attendance. They will appreciate the time and money they keep. And as your company grows, your team will enjoy the added benefits.

How An Answering Service Supports an HR Team

Hiring an answering service is a wise decision for any company, whether you are an HR manager or need to improve your team’s efficiency. 

By answering employee phone calls, you can make sure your team can meet employee needs efficiently. Not only will your employees feel supported, but your HR team will be more productive as a result. A reliable answering service will also allow your employees to get the information they need for their job. For example, they will be able to gather their name, ID number, and reason for their absence. 

This information will help streamline your call-out process and provide accurate information to all necessary departments. Additionally, the service will simplify processes by recording employee absences quickly and accurately, which will free up your human resources team and increase overall productivity. 

The More Efficient Your HR Team Can Be, The More Effective Their Services

A human resources call center is a valuable tool for small to large corporations. Employees can ask questions about benefits, compensation, and employee relations. Using a call center allows employees to communicate directly with HR professionals without scheduling an appointment or waiting until business hours. Furthermore, answering service professionals are available 24 hours a day, so callers do not have to schedule an appointment or wait for business hours. This availability is a massive benefit for your HR team and your employees.

The availability of the most relevant information from a central location is essential. Employees are worried about possible disruptions in their work. For example, how COVID-19 disrupted operations for months. In this case, global HR should provide timely information to local teams. By giving local HR managers timely information, they can make critical decisions. 

Ultimately, this helps them make time-sensitive decisions that affect the company. With over 40 years of experience supporting businesses, we know we can help yours. So contact us now to talk about how we can support your HR team!