As companies continue to grow and develop, their goals become more complex. Eventually, these complex goals become difficult to track manually. Often, companies use analytics and dashboards to optimize programs, create custom reports, understand team workflows, analyze different trends, and keep the team focused and happy. With all of these items to monitor, it’s easy to forget to prioritize your customer’s journey.

Seamless customer experience is a significant contributor to a strong foundation for business growth. How can you monitor your customer experience? Partner with an experienced contact center to track and optimize your customer journey.

Analyze your customer journey

In the modern professional landscape, how you support your new and existing customer base sets you apart from your competition. Every interaction with a customer shapes your business and their perception of your products or services. Also, these are significant opportunities to influence loyalty to your brand. The more loyal your customers, the more likely they will be to refer you to a friend or review your business online, which helps grow your business.

With the support of a contact center, you can easily collect data on the customer touchpoints that matter most. With this data, you can analyze and identify your business’ strengths, opportunities for growth, and wins to celebrate. As you improve your hold times and response rates, you impact the ease in each customer’s experience with your business. With a simple dashboard to show all of the metrics that matter most to your business, you can quickly and easily optimize to support your growth.

How Call Experts’ dashboard can help

Dashboards provide real-time visualizations of the metrics that matter most to your business. With these visualizations, it’s much easier to see where you need to improve to meet your goals and where to optimize to drive more impact. Dashboards are intuitive, interactive, and easy to digest, especially when compared to the traditional spreadsheet. At Call Experts, saving you time and money is our goal. Our dashboards provide the data you need to guarantee a seamless customer service strategy.

  • Call Center dashboard:

These types of dashboards help you understand how our team is interacting with your business. They offer a real-time view of performance while showing instant metrics related to SLA, active calls, and agent activity. You can monitor live calls using the main dashboard, including details like call duration, call waiting, and the number of abandoned calls.

  • Message dashboard:

The advanced message activity dashboard allows you to review all incoming messages with real-time delivery on the portal or direct to your email or SMS.

  • On-call dashboard:

Manage, review, and change your on-call calendar based on shift, title, employee ID number, holiday, and more. Have your schedule emailed to you monthly or view anytime in your dedicated portal. With updated and correct schedules, our team will always know the best person and time to route your calls.