.A Salesforce integration can change how your organization does business. Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems in use today. If you want to use data gathered from your customers to make better decisions and meet more objectives, then Salesforce is an excellent option for you. 

It has a wide range of integration options that allow you to choose from several products and services. In addition, with Call Experts’ newest features and capabilities, we can integrate and work directly via an API connection. 

What is a Salesforce Integration with a Contact Center?

What does this all mean? First, our agents and automated technologies seamlessly connect to your SalesForce to pull your customer data directly into your system. So, for instance, when a client calls your business, our phones answer and update the SF record, so assigned users are notified.

With Salesforce, your team can get more done faster. That doesn’t just include empowered employees who can leverage their knowledge to make more money. It also has more informed business decisions based on broader information and insights in real-time. Information that can help improve productivity, cut costs and increase customer satisfaction. In addition, a Salesforce integration allows you to automate every channel of business operations. From your feed to sales efforts, you must enable real-time response to critical events such as a customer request or order support.

Salesforce is constantly evolving. This means that your CRM is going to need to keep up with it. Integrations allow you to do this with scale. It might help you increase sales, save money, or create an enjoyable experience for your employee and customer base. 

The Top 5 benefits to a Contact Center Salesforce Integration

Salesforce is making it easier than ever to work. For instance, while the intention of SF is sales and funnel, a lot of people use Salesforce for marketing needs and the customer experience – whether we realize it or not. However, many people have no idea about how Salesforce can help their customer support. Below are just a few examples of how salesforce integrations can make your life easier:

Offer full access from anywhere. 

When you utilize a salesforce integration with a contact center, our experts access your customer data to offer a personalized customer experience. While logged in via our secure integrations, our team can address your customer needs instantly without having to put them on hold or request more information from managers.

A productivity increase can mean more time to focus on what is essential. 

Today, manual tasks are often a time waster and lead to mistakes. Integrated systems and automated solutions create a check and balance to ensure that your data is clean and your customers’ information is safe. Would you please not spend time with duplicated data or incorrect client fields? Our automations come with little-to-no downtime and HIPAA-compliant storage.

You need to be able to access your data in real-time effortlessly.

Salesforce allows you to access data on your timeline with a customized dashboard and reports. When it comes to data, the more you have and can convert it into meaningful insight, the easier it will be to make the best decisions for your business.  

When you add customer support automations and contact center support, not only do you create a plethora of data without lifting a finger, you can ensure that the data is correct, clean, and formatted correctly to your needs.

Offer the best communication to your customers and employees.

Integrating our contact center with your CRM combines two systems to allow our teams to work in your preferred system. This streamlines communications and creates an opportunity for info sharing. Not to mention, because we are converting those calls into SF data for your team, they can spend more time working on their core job and leave the qualification and updates to us. 

Clean data means more insightful reporting. 

When you are sure that the data you are reviewing is correct and accountable, you will trust your decisions based on data. This is essential and challenging for so many businesses. You need detailed and relevant reports with clean data to take action on your business decisions. Then, when you know that an automated system or live agent entered in the requests and information, you can feel rest assured that you will have accuracy in your reporting.

How to Start Your Salesforce Integration

Few organizations have the internal resources to integrate their systems. Integrations are complex and require programming for each system. Systems integration projects are just that — projects. Our team has made it easy to integrate with your Salesforce; it will just require an API key and a few days of work. The good news, the majority of work is on our side. Then, after building your script, we can start the integration.

We want to keep a close eye on your project. For the first few months, we ensure that everything is connected correctly, but your integration will be running seamlessly after the setup and check-in periods.

At Call Experts, every new client is assigned a customer care representative that stays with you and your account. This dedicated representative walks you and your company through the process of integrating, going live, and optimizing. So you will always have one dedicated point of contact to make sure that everything is going to your liking and aligns with your needs.


At its core, a platform provides seamless access to valuable data. When the data is conversing with an integrated solution, it can be mined for critical insights and useful information. This leads to high-quality reporting that can improve business processes and overall efficiency, making each department more efficient.

Our salesforce integrations enable us to access, communicate and automate data related to your pipeline, territory management, and other business areas. We can prepare comprehensive reports on salesforce-native or custom objects to consolidate information from multiple sources related to the customer journey like help desk, support requests, and more.