Are you running a business? VoIP can be your best friend. Do you know what VoIP is? VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and it refers to a group of technologies that use the internet to lead unified conversations. Through VoIP, your company creates access to a wide range of advanced contact center features and technologies like IVR and absence tracking hotlines. According to Industry Today’s 2020 VoIP Industry Trends, there will be a 90% reduction in start-up costs for small businesses that use VoIP, and the number of companies that utilize this tool will increase.

VoIP statistics
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However, if you’re not as familiar with the benefits of VoIP for your business, we have listed five features of the VoIP system that are essential for your business:

1. Automated call routing using voice and touch-tone prompts on your phone. 

This feature helps you to route, hold, prioritize, and block incoming calls with ease. This feature is handy for fielding calls, and it reduces customer frustration. Also, it helps you avoid robocalls, spam, and phone solicitation. With this feature, you can expect a significant improvement in time on hold, time spent on calls, and call-routing efficiency.

2. Anonymous call rejection and spam number blocking.

There is no doubt to say that some calls are not worth taking for your business. When you don’t want your teams spending time on some unwanted calls, you can choose to block these calls with ease. It will help you ensure the best use of employee time at your contact center; moreover, your phone lines will not stay unnecessarily busy.

3. Automated greetings and message taking.

Contact center employees need to be kind, practical, and ready to handle unlimited calls every day. Some software-based features can assist them in this process. The auto-greeting helps answer all calls instantly and ensures that routing is automatic to the right person. With this feature, you can provide more satisfaction for your customer and savings for your company. 

4. Real-time messaging for alerts and message-taking.

Not all of your customers want to talk on the phone; some prefer to text, email, or message online instead. The great news is that VoIP offers a unique solution to handle text-based conversations as well. You can send essential notifications to your customers and keep your on-call teams updated via SMS and email messages.

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5. Call Recording, reporting, and trends are at your fingertips.

Another essential feature of VoIP is its ability to track, record, analyze, and rate calls. You can record and analyze calls to improve customer service and customer experience. Call data can set quality standards, improve revenue generation, enhance customer retention, and make adequate staff training and coaching decisions. If you are utilizing employee absence tracking and management tools powered by VoIP, you can analyze call-outs to develop smart scheduling. 


When you start using VoIP for your business, it brings automation and opportunity to your phone lines. It takes just a few steps to set up and maintain with a contact center partner. VoIP features can help your business to enjoy uninterrupted growth. To learn how Call Experts can help, contact us now!