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Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system is a technology-based phone line attendant. It offers a simple, customized process for directing callers through a series of questions utilizing voice prompts and keypad touches. The result is a collection of the information you need.

Together, we build a call flow customized to your needs (we have hundreds of existing flows so you’re never starting from scratch).

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Tools that streamline operations and enhance customer interactions.

Our a-la-carte technologies ensure every call is managed efficiently, reducing wait times and improving service quality across the board. Experience the convenience and efficiency that comes from having every line enhanced with these tools:




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Stop spam calls with an Automated Greeting.

Smartphone displaying an advertisement about call answering services with a statistic highlighting that businesses miss 22% of the calls they receive and a mention of over 40 years of industry experience.

What is an automated greeting?
We create a greeting – your voice or one of our agents – to play the minute your line picks up. This ensures your callers hear a human voice every time they call your line (even when our agents aren’t answering first).

Why do I need an automated greeting?
We create customized, personal experiences to build champions and retain clients. This is a great way to eliminate robocalls, spam calls, and wrong numbers so you aren’t paying our agents to filter these calls.

How does an automated greeting work?
We work with you to record a greeting welcoming your callers. Once you’re happy with the recording, we’ll add it to your line and activate the greeting!

End caller hold time with an Abandon Eliminator.

A mobile phone displaying an advertisement for a customer service experience with the text "1/3 consumers won't wait on hold for customer service. prioritize your callers' experience without breaking the bank." the background features an aerial view of city skyscrapers.

What is an abandon eliminator?
The tool allows the customer to hear a recording that tells them that if they would like to leave a number for a call back or a message, to press a digit.

Why do I need an abandon eliminator?
Instead of receiving a frustrated caller who’s been waiting on hold, give your caller’s the option to enter their phone number for a callback instead of waiting on hold.

How does the abandon eliminator work?
You select total rings without answer before the eliminator starts. Then, if an agent doesn’t pick up by then, we take their number and add them to a queue for call back. Once we get to their place in line, our agent calls them back and provides the support they need!

Manage your team with the On-Call Portal.

Show thumbnail preview	A mobile device displaying the 'client on-call portal' interface from callexperts™ with navigation options on the left and an on-call schedule for september 2023 on the right.

What is the on-call portal?
Quickly and easily make sure your calls are answered after the normal, 9-5 business day, and sent to your designated on-call contact. You can choose to use our portal to update your calendar or for an additional fee we can manage your calendars for you.

Why do I need the on-call portal?
When your business is open after normal working hours or requires emergency escalation, it’s important to have a simple system to answer calls and get them to the designated contact on-call.

How does the on-call portal work?
You manage an on-call calendar via our web based on-call portal. Whether that’s one person, or a set of people depending on office/city, when you make updates to the portal our scripts instantly update! Whether your on-call changes daily, weekly, or monthly, you need to make sure your caller’s get support right away.

Secure your data with our HIPAA-compliant messaging app.

Secure communication platform for healthcare professionals, ensuring patient privacy and compliance with hipaa regulations.

What is the miSecure HIPAA-compliant app?
This tool allows you to send and receive messages with your patients while remaining 100% HIPAA compliant.

Why do I need the miSecure HIPAA-compliant app?
Doctors and Healthcare Providers must remain compliant with HIPAA-standards, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to send messages to each other and your patients! With our secure messaging app you can receive texts and messages to your phone in a secure environment to protect your PII and PHI.

How does the miSecure HIPAA-compliant app work?
We set you up, per user, in our HIPAA-compliant messaging platform. You can access this via website or download the app to your phone or tablet, and once your line is live you can begin receiving and sending messages via miSecure Messaging!

Never collect a fake email or an incorrect physical address.

A mobile phone displaying a business advertisement with the headline "70% of organizations rely on data to drive business decisions," emphasizing the importance of maintaining a clean database for business growth.

What is Automated Email & Address Verification?
A script add-on tool that automatically verifies if a caller’s email or physical address is real after our agent collects it.

Why do I need Automated Email & Address Verification?
This tool identifies and helps us eliminate bounce and heavy spam emails, as well as, fake physical addresses to make sure that they don’t hit your database if our team is collecting emails on your calls.

How does Automated Email & Address Verification work?
Our agents request an email or physical address from your caller, then our tool automatically verifies the address as real. If it is real, we move forward, if not we can request an updated address or even tell the caller we can’t continue without an email. You choose if you want email and/or physical address verification.

Hide your caller ID with Masked Dialing.

Show thumbnail preview	Incoming call on a smartphone with the option to either answer or decline.

What is Masked Dialing?
If you need to use your phone for work but keep your personal phone number private, our masked dialing feature allows you to get back to your callers without sharing your personal information. You can even use your office number!

Why do I need Masked Dialing?
Often we need to use our cell phone for work calls, but it’s essential to keep our personal cell phone number private from the caller. If they were to know how to get directly in touch with you, your phone would never stop ringing!

How does Masked Dialing work?
When you need to get back to one of your callers, you’ll call into a designated line, press a number (like *69), and we’ll make the call for you through our system. Instead of your phone number showing up on a caller ID, it could be a random number or even your office line.

Send alerts and notices with Mass Notifications.

Smartphone displaying a text message notification about the main office being closed due to a pipe burst, advising employees to work remotely and contact their supervisor for further information.

What is Mass SMS & Email Notifications?
Send thousands of SMS messages to your clients, employees, students, franchisees, franchisors, or patients – whether it’s an alert or an important update!

Why do I need Mass SMS & Email Notifications?
It’s important to be prepared for events that you can’t expect. With a mass SMS/email communication system, you can notify your employees or clients of any information automatically, without wasting your time sending individual messages.

How does Mass SMS & Email Notifications work?
You provide an approved and DNC-compliant list of contacts for your mass SMS/email plan. If an emergency strikes, you’ll notify our team and we’ll initiate your communication plan with the information you’ve provided.

Instantly patch calls with Automated Dispatching.

A smartphone displaying a webpage with the headline "automation has improved 66% of worker productivity," suggesting the benefits of using technology for business efficiency.

What is Automated Dispatching?
When we need to transfer you calls based on who is on-call or requested by the caller, we have an automated system that will do it instead of our agents.

Why do I need Automated Dispatching?
Optimize your experience and save money! Instead of paying a live agent to call with a message, we can automate the entire system for you. Also, the automation will deliver messages faster than a human.

How does Automated Dispatching work?
We receive a request from a caller that requires escalation to your designated contact. Our system automatically reads the request, calls your point of contact, and shares the automated reading of the request (vs. having it be read by a live-agent).

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