This is how Call Experts integrates with Zendesk.

We use an API or shared usernames to connect your callers to our system and scripting.

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Boost efficiency and cut costs with our
Zendesk answering service integration!

Seamlessly integrate our answering service solutions with Zendesk to streamline your customer interactions and reduce response times by enabling instant account look-ups, creation of new cases, and more.

Generate a list of Object Fields such as CompanyName.

Instant Lookup for users to update or create new users.

Advanced automation for call followup based on ticket status.

Create a ticket and document the message summary as a description.

Lookup the case that was created to gather information such as Case ID & Case Number.
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How do you set up a Zendesk integration?

Setting up an integration with Zendesk can be done either by building a custom API or using a shared username, tailored to fit your business’s customer support needs. A custom API integration offers personalized automation and synchronization with Zendesk, ideal for accessing advanced features and integrating deeply with your systems. Alternatively, a shared username provides a straightforward, quick solution for businesses needing to efficiently manage high volumes of support tickets without custom development.

Both approaches aim to enhance your customer service management by offering flexibility and efficiency in handling support interactions.

To complete the setup, we will need the following items to ensure a smooth integration.



5-10 Usernames & Password (shared username plans).



Name of Fields we are using and message details.

Don’t change your current process.
We adapt to you.

We specialize in creating one-of-a-kind phone answering solutions with custom integrations.

Our customizable answering service ensures you never miss out on crucial opportunities, providing 24/7 coverage for your staff and callers.

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