Reporting that creates transparency and identifies trends.

Gain a deeper understanding of your customer interactions, call types, and the reasons behind those calls.

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Self-service tools

24/7 access to your data with the portal.

Always have access to call information, messages received, and important details related to your billing through our self-service client portal.

The self-service client portal is your round-the-clock gateway to comprehensive account management. With intuitive navigation and secure login, you can effortlessly review call logs, access detailed message transcripts, and scrutinize billing information anytime, anywhere.

This access ensures you’re always informed and in control, allowing for quick adjustments and strategic decisions to optimize your customer service and operational efficiency.

Update Contact Information.

Review Invoices and Usage.

Contact Account Manager.

Message and Call Reporting.

On-call Updates and Review.

Frequently asked questions.

A menu of options for you to choose from that streamline operations and enhance customer interactions.

Our a-la-carte reporting tools ensure every call is managed efficiently and with transparency. Experience the convenience and efficiency that comes from having every line enhanced with our advanced solutions.

Email and SMS
Message Summary

Email and SMS Message Summary

Call Reason

Call Reason Reporting

Call Type

Call Type Reporting

Call Resolution

Call Resolution Reporting

Call Handling

Call Handling Reporting


Customized Real-Time Dashboards

Receive your messages in real-time
via SMS, email, or portal.

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What is a message summary?
A message summary is a concise report detailing key information from customer interactions, including contact information, call-back details, main points, and action items.

Why do I need message summary reports?
Message summary reports streamline communication, ensuring no critical information is missed and enhancing decision-making processes.

How do we setup message summary reporting?
During onboarding with your Account Manager, you’ll explore options for receiving messages via SMS, email, or self-service portal, and select your preferred update frequency.

Create a better understanding of why your
callers are calling.

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What is a call reason reporting?
Call reason reporting categorizes calls based on the purpose of the customer’s call, providing insights into customer needs and concerns.

Why do I need call reason reporting?
Call Reason reporting offers valuable insights into customer queries, helping tailor services and improve customer satisfaction.

How does call reason reporting work?
You and your Account Manager design a script during on boarding, specifying call types to establish detailed call reason reporting.

Update your script so your callers get to
answers faster.

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What is the call type reporting?
Call type reporting classifies calls by nature, such as sales inquiries or support requests, to track and analyze different interaction types.

Why do I need call type reporting?
Call type reporting aids in understanding the distribution of call purposes, enabling better resource allocation and service improvements.

How does call type reporting work?
Through on boarding, you collaborate with your Account Manager on a script that defines call categories, forming the basis for call type reporting.

Understand how your callers are ending the call, what happened on the call.

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What is call resolution reporting?
Call resolution reporting tracks how customer issues are resolved, noting outcomes for continuous service enhancement.

Why do I need call resolution reporting?
It provides insights into problem-solving effectiveness and the needs of your callers. Also, it is a method to track KPIs like appointments booked, followups requested, etc.

How does call resolution reporting work?
The process involves defining resolution categories and tracking outcomes via a script integration, ensuring comprehensive understanding and feedback on issue handling.

Service level metrics that matter for an outstanding phone experience.

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What is call handling reporting?
Call handling reporting focuses on call response metrics, like time to answer, handle time, abandon rates, and hold times – aiming for optimal service standards.

Why do I need call handling reporting?
Identify areas for improvement in team performance and customer experience, ensuring efficient and effective service delivery.

How does call handling reporting work?
This reporting is based on established goals, such as 80% of calls answered in 30 seconds or 5-7% abandon rates, with ongoing monitoring to maintain or improve standards.

Enterprise dashboards that offer real-time perspectives across your entire organization.

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What is a customized real-time dashboard?
A customized real-time dashboard is a dynamic tool that displays key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor operations and customer interactions instantly.

Why do I need real-time dashboards?
For high-volume operations or multiple locations, real-time dashboards provide instant access to critical data, supporting informed decision-making and operational oversight.

How do customized real-time dashboards work?
Our team collaborates with you to identify essential KPIs, then develops JS3 dashboards to offer immediate insights into these performance metrics.

Don’t change your current process.
We adapt to you.

We specialize in creating one-of-a-kind phone answering solutions with custom integrations.

Our customizable answering service ensures you never miss out on crucial opportunities, providing 24/7 coverage for your staff and callers.

Don't change your current process.

We'll adapt to you.

Every business has its unique challenges and our experienced tech team excels in crafting customized solutions tailored to meet your intricate needs, ensuring your operations are as unique as your vison.

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