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70% of buying experiences are based on
how the customer feels they are being treated.

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“We hold Call Experts in highest esteem, we know that the call center industry does as well. We are confident that they will bring their demonstrated excellence and extended experience to your organization”

Call Experts have provided excellent  customer service to those who call the College of Charleston’s information line since the College began using the service over two years ago. The College receives high compliments about the information service rather than complaints.   Besides impressive customer service, the choice to use Call Experts has proven very cost-effective and has saved the College thousands of dollars each year.”

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We would like to express our appreciation for the effort you and your staff made to check deer and pronghorn taken in Nebraska during the five-month big game season. We were impressed and relieved that you were able to work within a very short time frame to train your Experts and develop the interface to use our Big Game Harvest program.”

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“I know we put some demands on you all and there was never a hint a frustration from your end. Everyone was always willing to help and the follow through was awesome. You run a top notch organization and I will recommend you highly!”

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Our highly trained Experts will professionally represent your company and fully integrate with your team. Your customers, old and new, will experience exceptional service and shorter wait times. Our experienced Client Account Enthusiasts will be your dedicated point of contact taking care of your questions and business needs 24-7.

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