Stop manual employee call-out tracking, start
using Attendance Bridge.

Our partnership with Abridged Technology’s Attendance Bridge creates a fully automated call flow to handle, manage, and report employee call-outs.

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Professional woman smiling at her desk in a modern office setting, manages and reports employee call-outs with Call Experts through Abridged Technology’s Attendance Bridge, creating a fully automated call flow to handle.

Solve your attendance data and communication problems.

Have your team collect their own essential absence and workplace data via the Attendance Bridge automated phone line.

An automated employee call-out line uses voice prompts and keypad inputs to manage, track, alert, and report your employee requests. And, sends them confirmation numbers.

Understand employee trends related to call-outs.

Personalized search with filters related to time-range, reason, and more.

Doesn’t require you to change payroll or timekeeping software.

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