10 Essential Blogs for an HR Professional


You can find more than a few blogs for HR pros online. This makes the selection process for the best one complicated. And, here you are! You want to grow your knowledge base on HR, not on some random google search. We get it. Becoming a better HR professional shouldn’t be hard. To help make this a little easier, we did some of the leg work for you. 

Here we have listed ten of the best blogs for an HR professional:

  1. The Bonusly Blog


    This blog is about sharing insights and fresh perspectives on employee engagement, employee experience, workplace recognition, employee rewards, and company culture. Bonusly is maintained by engagement and recognition experts. They count millions of readers from various organizations. There are a lot of expert suggestions and a diversity of advice to build a productive workplace.

  2. The Blueboard Blog


    Blueboard is another popular blog platform to inspire HR leaders. They focus on identifying and recognizing the most skilled and efficient people in a meaningful and authentic way. Along with rewards and recognitions, Blueboard also covers several hot topics relevant to the employee lifecycle. These topics range from employer branding to setting up a qualified candidate pipeline. A very helpful blog for an HR professional!

  3. Evil HR Lady


    The Evil HR Lady blog is maintained by Suzanne Lucas. Her intent with this blog is to clarify the general understanding of how Human Resources should be supported in an organization. Also, she provides answers to many critical HR questions. Evil HR Lady answers all questions via her blog and email, from topics like discrimination protocols to payroll adjustments.

  4. TINYpulse


    The articles on this platform cover a variety of details. These include company culture, remote work, organizational culture, reviews, recruitment strategies, and employee retention. What stands out to us about TINYpulse? The blog’s sense of humor and impressive elaboration on trending topics!

  5. Get Hppy Blog


    When preparing a list of best HR blogs, it is essential to mention this platform. Why? Because it’s focused on employees. The Get Hppy Blog is here to offer more employee-centric content than other HR blogs, with a fresh perspective. Here you will find many easy ideas for fostering your employees to build a happier, more engaged teams. And, their tips seem to be diverse enough that they can be implemented in any office!

  6. Workology


    The best HR blogs stay focused on one topic so that readers can clearly gain access to the most relevant and valuable content. Workology is all about job recruiting, hiring tactics, sourcing, and searching. All of the posts on this blog provide useful details about the ever-changing recruitment world.

  7. The Fond Blog


    This blog platform is maintained by the Fond team, a rewards and recognition platform. Their focus is to provide exciting updates about employee happiness. This blog can be helpful for employers to find new tricks to ensure employee engagement and productivity. And, it covers cool new perks that may help with your employee retention.

  8. Insperity Blog

    The main goal of this blog is to provide updates about best practices and new ideas in HR. And, their main target for people who are working hard to develop, lead and transform their organizations. The Insperity experts focus on in-depth HR advice with their extensive study, careful analysis, and years of experience.

  9. Tiny Buddha


    Well, this blog is not specific to the HR operations. But, we still included in the list because it can help all professionals to get some positivity in their life. This blog can help HR managers get a dose of mindful ideas to lead and share with their workforce.


  10. Engage


    This blog shows a strong passion for the HR professional who wants to lead by example with employee engagement. It covers details about HR trends, perks, benefits, and exciting topics from the industry.

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