2020 HVAC industry trends.


The year 2020 has been a game-changer! Between significant weather trends and an unprecedented pandemic, the year is different than we expected. And, more than ever, home service businesses and employees are essential to living and working out of the home. But, with all of this uncertainty, what are the HVAC industry trends for 2020?

As partners to HVAC businesses for over four decades, we understand the trends and call volume scenarios that apply to your business. Although we’ve found this environment is ever-changing, we’ve noted a few HVAC industry trends that owners and professionals consider when goal setting for the rest of 2020!


The HVAC workforce was swelling like never before, but what do the numbers say now?

According to HVAC Today, in 2018, the number of people hired in HVAC was roughly 1.2 million in the US alone. This, in turn, accounted for a 5% surge compared to its preceding year. Suppose the industry continues to grow at a steady rate. In that case, it is expected that within ten years (until 2028), the industry will experience a 13% growth (according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics). 

But, with the ongoing pandemic, how are businesses reacting? According to a recent study, 28% of business owners who responded are delaying projects. Also, 21% are splitting workforce shifts to reduce the number of employees on-site and 18% must cancel plans all-together.

Regardless of the total number of employees and which side of these trends your business sits, it would help if you were considering two essential services. One, support your workforce with real-time on-call scheduling and management. Two, AI-powered absence tracking reports, organizes and pulls trends related to call-out and staffing requests.

These two services will save you time, bring organization to your business, and put more money back in your pocket.

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Company culture must be a pressing priority.
HVAC industry trends #1

Want to encourage engagement from enthusiastic employees and qualified individuals? Company culture must be a priority. When you look at current company culture trends, you will see that the data supports it. Happy employees help create satisfied customers. 

Acknowledging employees for their efforts and incentivizing their performance can help retain those who make a difference. Celebrating wins and focusing on places to grow can help everyone learn and thrive. Understanding how your employees are doing when they’re out on calls or providing a review service to a customer can be invaluable! 

Request surveys from your customers. Also, offer the opportunity to leave a review on your google my business. Encourage customers to call to provide feedback on your team’s performance. Praise your team for unusual behavior. And, review where they can improve and learn.

Provide opportunities for your techs to learn a new skillset. Train them, so they have tools to support your business needs while also growing their knowledge! 

Customer service is essential to your bottom line and should be seamless.
HVAC industry trends #2

Today, no one has the time or energy to invest in challenging customer service scenarios. But, you must figure it out for a smooth experience. When someone calls you to discuss an issue or even schedule an appointment, your customers expect a pleasant, consistent, secure experience that gets them what they need quickly. 

With experienced partners like Call Experts, we can guarantee that we’re gathering the information that matters most to your customers, teams, and leadership.

Our Experts understand your industry. And, our automations and automated greetings simplify your processes.  Our systems offer a seamless connection to your organization. 


  • You must optimize your customer service experience with automated tools. 
  • Streamline your internal operations with business process outsourcing and strong protocols. 
  • Open the potential to drive new revenue to weather the storms! 

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