5 Tips on an AI-Powered Phone Line

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Automated phone lines are a powerful resource for interactions with your customers. AI-powered phone line solutions offer cost savings, call efficiency, and real-time reporting. With optimized tools, you can create optimized protocols and systems with the intention of your customers moving with ease to find answers. The difference in great automation and poor automation can mean the difference in your business. According to The State of IVRs in 2018 webinar, 83% of users would avoid a company after a poor experience with an interactive voice response. To build an easy to use IVR that helps your customers follow these five tips!

Call Experts’ 5 Tips for a Successful IVR

  1. Focus on self-service benefits. The intention of automation is self-service at all times of the day. Customers seeking simple search requests such as store locations and hours can benefit and quickly get answers. While those seeking more personalized requests, like bank balance information or outage patterns of electric service, are offered more privacy without the need to speak to a person. In case a live human representative is required, customers will be routed to one or can leave a message with a specific department.
  2. Keep the options relevant. At every step of the journey, the menu options should be relevant and kept to a bare minimum. Otherwise, customers will get lost in a maze of options. Phone automation intends to help customers in finding solutions to their queries quickly, and hence the possibilities should not be too lengthy and kept to a minimum.
  3. Don’t forget; live human agents are sometimes necessary. Sometimes customers need to talk to a real person to better understand an explanation of their problem. In such a scenario, if a human agent is available, we hand over the call to one of our trained Experts to deal with your customer’s grievances.
  4. Data matters. An AI-powered phone line is designed to assess the reasons and results of customer engagements effectively. Engagements must be tagged to understand how to optimize routing and save customers’ time. Optimize your solutions with real-time reporting to streamline your operations.
  5. Listen and optimize.Setting up tracking isn’t enough. Use feedback from the system to improve its efficiency. Reduce call time and grow your support to offer faster solutions for your callers. Also, a quick survey at the end of the call to listen to your customers can be useful. Getting answers to questions like whether there are too many menu options, or if it took too long for customers to get to an agent, can help improve your customer service.

Call Experts is a complete contact center offering customer support through live agent experiences with omnichannel management and AI-powered phone line solutions. We provide an outstanding experience to your customers. Offer award-winning customer service and support to your customers!

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