A List of 5 Fun Activities to Do on Thanksgiving Day With Your Family

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The holiday season is a time to reflect on what we’re thankful for, close down your business, and be with the people we love the most, and of course – food. So let’s talk about how to make Thanksgiving Day a marathon of fun rather than a sprint of stuffing your face.

It’s not Thanksgiving without the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie. But when you’re spending time with people you love (both new and old), all of the above can get overshadowed by the hours-long wait for everyone to get fed. So, if you need some family-friendly activities to keep everyone busy while you wait for Mrs. Butterworth to get that turkey on the table (spoiler alert: it’s probably not Mrs. Butterworth), we’ve got you covered.

These fun Thanksgiving activities will help you and the family avoid major dinner-time drama. From finding a creative way to dispose of those extra rolls to thinking outside the box when it comes to dessert, these Thanksgiving alternatives will keep everyone engaged throughout dinner and afterward, no matter how long you sit around the table celebrating this memorable holiday.

Conversation Games in The Holiday Season Theme.

The holiday season is one of the best times of the year. Everyone is always in a festive mood, which makes it easy to keep your conversation going at the table. During Thanksgiving, while you are waiting for the meal, start with asking everyone what they are most grateful for! But there’s one catch; because you have to make things interesting. When someone says their first answer, it has to start with the letter A. The following answer should begin with the letter B until you reach Z! Sounds like fun, right? Now start thinking of your answers for the tricky letters! 

Coordinate Fun Holiday Season Outfits and Clothing, Then Pictures!

Send out an email to all your friends and family, asking them to make their ugly-but-adorable holiday sweater. Everyone comes over and displays their personally made attire. Take pictures and then send them to your grandmothers and other relatives (everyone loves pictures). There are so many fun holiday-themed clothes out right now; it might be hard for you to decide which ones to buy. Let your friends choose their clothes when they come over for the annual Turkey Day look-fest.


Take a Walk or Hike, Then Dessert.

Ah, Thanksgiving dinner. Some of us love it. Some of us dread it. If you love it, enjoy every bite! At the same time, take a walk or hike after your meal to help digestion. Fresh air and blood circulation will support the digestion process. Also, if you do not love the typically day-long affair of Thanksgiving, then tell your friends and family you are going for a short walk or two around the block after your family moves into the next room to continue the post-feast conversation.

A Great Holiday Season Arts and Craft Project Is A Family Tree.

If you are looking to create a project with the whole family, consider making a family tree. This arts and crafts project will help your family get to know one another while creating a fun keepsake. You can even use red and orange ink for this Thanksgiving twist on the typical family tree. Take the ink pads, make a tree from fingerprints, then write the name of great grandparents (or however far back you can go), and use the tree to connect people to the current generation. 

Movies Over Football On Thanksgiving!

Each Thanksgiving hosts a barrage of football games, which is the lifeblood of many American families. But this year, instead of watching football all day long, why not mix it up with some movie time? Celebrating Thanksgiving with family and friends is a holiday we all look forward to each year. We gather around the table, eat yummy food, and be thankful for our lives and all the good things in them. But the best part of the holiday (after seeing your crazy uncle after three years) is watching some of your Thanksgiving movie favorites!

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