Best Practices for Generating Leads in Contact Centers and Call Centers

contact center and call center tips for leads

Are you in charge of finding new ways to generate leads for your business? Have you ever considered contact centers and call centers? You have come to the right place. Success with lead generation strategies makes a significant difference in your business’s bottom line. But, the practice doesn’t end with the lead generation. Once you receive the lead, you have to nurture their experience to convert them into customers! By partnering with an experienced contact center partner like Call Experts, we can help you field leads with outbound services and nurture your leads with 24-7 hotlines with live agent support. With over 40 years of experience, we can help you grow and retain your customers! 

Here are some of our tried and true tips for generating leads with outbound lead generation from contact centers and call centers:

Encourage and create a personalized customer experience for your leads with call center support. 

If you provide a phone number for your leads to call, they will call that number. Professionals in many different industries believe that personalized offers will capture your audience’s attention. In fact, 91% of consumers say they are more likely to shop with brands that provide suggestions and relevant recommendations. Contact centers deal with customers directly and daily. With the software to track interactions and customer information, it’s easier for agents to remember their names, interests, specific requirements, and previous sentiments shared. Personalized communication with a real live, US-based agent builds trust, which helps customers and consumers associate your brand with a great experience.

Training and coaching are highly recommended; call centers depend on updated product information and support notes.

Market trends are changing with each passing day, and customer expectations are changing with it. Customers expect a certain level of customer service set by a few industry leaders (like Amazon and Airbnb). To maintain the best experience for your customers, train, coach, and keep your customer service representatives updated with all details to ensure outstanding performance. You can schedule coaching sessions to work on specific skills and product details that support customer inquiries and needs. It is also essential to keep your contact center partner updated when you launch new features, update support protocols, and launch new items. Call centers should already have an escalation and information update protocol in place. Training paired with expert communication skills will help keep customers happy.

If you work with on-call technicians, consider using the Call Experts mobile application to manage calendars and alerts.

Set incentives for call centers!

Are you utilizing a contact center for outbound lead generation? Remember, just as important as it is to set goals for your sales team, it is equally important to develop incentives for contact center leads. Everyone tends to find motivation when incentives are offered. It’s human! Incentives are one of the best options to motivate your customer representatives to sell products and services. Consider bonuses, product trials, and unique opportunities to incentivize and empower a lead generation.

Use the right metrics.

When your representatives are putting in the time and effort to create leads and sell, it is essential to set metrics for success and measure them! When you understand performance, it is easy to celebrate wins and find learning opportunities when processes fail. Consider tracking metrics like: total leads, leads converted, leads contacted, time on the phone, and more.  Contact our team to learn more about how our reporting and metrics bring efficiency to your outbound lead generation service. When you choose to analyze the metrics that matter for your business, it will be easier to understand the overall growth rate. 


Lead nurturing programs are effective when they are designed using a combination of inbound and outbound telemarketing. To drive and support your business’ growth, you need to ensure that your customers can trust your product, services, and support. Make sure you always deal with customer complaints, queries, order requests, and feedback, 24-7-365. It will help you create a solid foundation and brand reputation for your business. 

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