Employee call-out line and absence management.

Employee Call-Out Line and absence tracking

It is inevitable; team members are going to miss a day at work. In almost every case, if they do, they are expected to inform management before completely signing off for the day. Nevertheless, the reality is, this doesn’t always happen. An employee call-out line can help to solve this! By making it easy for employees to report their absences, you can focus on your employee absenteeism rates and ways to save time for your HR team.

No one can predict the future, and employers are no exception. Unforeseen emergencies, illnesses, and accidents can pop up in anybody’s life at any given point in time. If your business doesn’t have a process to track, manage, and report on employee absences, its productivity and service offerings can fall flat. Plus, customer service can suffer.

Even more, unplanned absences are bound to leave supervisors frustrated and spread thin. Employee call-outs, tracking, and reporting can typically leave the HR department with its fair share of headaches. It’s not easy keeping up with and adjusting employees’ timetables and payroll. 

So, how can your team plan for unplanned absences?

It is simple!

Your management teams need business process outsourcing and a “calling out” process. This process should be concise and straightforward. This will make it easy for your team to follow. Many companies have different solutions to help relieve this pain-point. Some solutions include an online portal or an email directly to supervisors. Others prefer a request in writing, through a form, documents, and more. At Call Experts, we make it simple for your team with our AI-Powered Call-Out line. 

What is an AI-powered employee call-out line? How does absence tracking work over the phone?

An employee call-out line is a simple process. It uses an automated phone line that directs employees through a series of pre-determined questions that you set. Your employees answer these questions utilizing voice prompts and keypad touches. Then, the result is a collection of reports with the information you need to understand employee absenteeism, workplace environment, and other employee needs. 

Diving in further, all of your employees use your unique phone number to dial in anytime. Then, the system automatically communicates via SMS or email to the supervisor or team members that you assign. With an employee call-out line, managers and supervisors will no longer need to run after absent employees to record their reasons for absence. 

Since the requests are documented and timestamped, admins can use personalized search to understand specific employee information. And, this information includes the cause of the employee’s absence, how long he or she will be away, and the call-out reasons and symptoms. Then, we store all of your information on secure, HIPAA compliant servers. Meaning, your data will never be tampered with or lost. 

Three benefits of an absence management system.

So, what are some of the most significant benefits of employee call-out lines and absence management systems? First and foremost, it makes it easy to manage call-outs and absence tracking. Especially during coronavirus or COVID19, you need to have your details documented and organized. From there, you can use the data to calculate important business statistics like employee absenteeism rates. 

Other benefits include:

  1. Employees get the opportunity to relay their issues to an unbiased third-party representative. And, it’s done without going through the aggravation of sending multiple emails, voicemails, and messages and then waiting for your manager’s response. With an AI-powered call-out line, everything is done in real-time.
  2. Managers can get information quickly about their team’s absences without any delay whatsoever. They can plan the schedule ahead of time by receiving notifications and making room for proper adjustments. And, they can make a shift in scheduling quickly because they receive updates quickly.
  3. Human Resources Departments and Executives receive well-documented records related to PTO, FMLA, COVID-19, and more. This documentation reduces paperwork and confusion. And, it increases your knowledge of trends related to absences. Plus, all solutions can integrate with your ERM or CRM for seamless data transfer.

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