How Does An Employee Call-Off Line Work?

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An employee call-off line eliminates most all conflicts over when the employee called or even if the call occurred. And if questions do arise, the documentation of the call quickly clarifies the situation for both parties. This can represent the difference between a justifiable, defensible employment action and a possible wrongful termination lawsuit.

Now that we know about an employee call off line, sometimes called an absentee line, the next question may be, how does an absence reporting line work?

Personalized Number: Your employee call-off line answering service will provide your company with a number specifically set up for your employees to call when they will be absent or late. It’s that simple: all employees call one number if they will miss work.

Professional Receptionists: Staff at the answering service will answer all calls in your company’s name, such as “Acme Manufacturing Absentee Line.” Your employees will immediately know they reached the right place. The polite staff will efficiently collect all of the relevant information your company needs.

Consistent Procedure: The answering service will obtain from your employees all of the information you need to process their absence. This is customized to your needs. Here are some ideas of what information they can gather: employee name, employee number, department, shift, supervisor, reason for absence or tardy, and so forth. The answering service will go through these same steps on each call, every time. This ensures all employees receive the same treatment in a fair, consistent way.

Confirmation Number: The staff at the answering service can provide each employee with an optional confirmation number. This gives employees a verification of their call and provides one more method of tracking, in the event it’s needed.

Verifiable Process: The answering service will document all of the employee’s call-off information in their database. This provides a clear, accurate, unalterable record of the call. As a backup, a recording of the conversation is also made of every call and archived for possible later retrieval.

Extensive Reporting: The employees’ call-off line information routes immediately to the appropriate managers via text, email, or fax. In addition, the call data can be compiled into management reports for the personnel, payroll, or human resources departments. Special reports can be automatically generated with each transaction, by the shift, day, week, or month, as well as aligning with the payroll period. Reports are generally emailed as text or in any common file format.

Employee call off lines are easy to setup and use. From the employees’ standpoint, they have one number to call regardless of their situation or work function. The answering service handles all of the rest. It doesn’t get any easier.

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