An HR Automated Call Out Line will save you time and keep you compliant

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Ideally, your team would never miss a day of work, but when they do let an HR Automated Call Out Line handle the hard work.

For every sick day, tardiness, or call out, your team becomes short-staffed and overburdened with extra work. Often, the tasks related to HR reporting get pushed to the side, become unorganized, or sometimes even lost. These inefficiencies can result in lower profits and compliance violations for your business.

What is an HR Automated Call Out Line?

An automated phone line with voice and touch-tone prompted call service. Most importantly, our automated call-out lines offer infinite possibilities for customization. A simple call from your employee prompts our system to track records related to absences and time-tracking like FMLA, sick, PTO, late, and more leave-related requests. Therefore, the HR Call Out Line also can collect information related to the workplace, on-site injury, and health code standards. So, Utilizing AI, the service is economical and convenient for both your company and your employees.

How does AI work for HR Departments?

Firstly, your employees call your designated line.

Our Smart AI answers the call and captures employee identifiers like name, ID, email, department, etc. (you can specify at setup).

Secondly, we ask your employees important questions like when they are scheduled to work, the reason for absence or tardiness, the urgency of the emergency, details related to the workplace environment and standards (if required), and when they will return to work.

Then, we send a summary to the email of the reporting manager that you define. All while updating real-time statistics on your online portal!

Efficiency Features of an HR Automated Call Out Line:

  • Data exchange with CRM or Time Clock System.
  • Employees can give updates about their schedules and inquire about what is already in the system.
  • Call in for the next job assignment.
  • Timestamping for accountability and compliance.

Other features of an HR Automated Call Out Line:

  • Search employee data such as department, supervisor, location of employment, or time scheduled.
  • Automate or pull reports related to schedule, a reason for absence, and time employees will return to work.
  • Ask for caller verification of all information, either individually or as a whole.
  • Never leave an employee on hold.
  • If you integrate with our live agent solutions, improve live operator efficiency, and call center service cost.
  • Generate a confirmation number delivered via phone, SMS, or email to your employee.
  • Send emails and text messages to the caller and designated recipients.

We have the experience and understanding to ensure that our HR AI-powered products save you time and money. So, we are dedicated to offering an easy solution for your employees, providing reliable backup for verification, and answering all your HR questions with simple, customizable reporting.

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