HR CALL-OUT LINE: How, Why, and What?


Are you manually tracking employee absences? Are your HR department and employee base frustrated with your employee call-out process? If so, stop tracking absences when your employees can do it for themselves. Whether they’re calling in sick, working from home, or taking medical leave, the AI-powered HR call-out line from Call Experts can track it all. With optimized tools, you can create optimized protocols and systems. And, automated systems can streamline what was manual, lengthy tasks. The difference in great automation and poor automation can mean the world for your employees and customers.

But, what is an AI-powered HR call-out line?

How does an employee call-0ut phone line work?

It is a simple and fully customizable program.

Our Experts will walk you through the process to create custom scripting to help track sick, PTO, time in, time out, and other internal employee operations. So, when your employee calls into your designated line, we fully automate reports that get instantly sent to you or designated business representative. This automated report includes a ticket/order number for easy tracking. And, you can deploy mass SMS or email to all employees whenever you need to communicate a consistent message.

With this solution, you can stop worrying about compliance and recording of absences. Now, you can focus on robust reporting with impactful trends for your HR department.

Do you have a system for employee call-out tracking and absence reporting?

How do your teams talk to HR?

Call Experts HR Management Services will help your business develop and maintain an efficient, private employee HR system. To ensuring data security and privacy, our operations and facilities utilize best in class data redundancy protocols, state-of-the-art firewalls, and 24/7/365 services for your employees. Call Experts is always available to address your employee needs and HR questions.

Do you have a procedure for reporting illness and foodborne issues?

Complaint systems detected nearly 69% of foodborne disease outbreaks, and consumer complaint surveillance systems found 85% of foodborne disease outbreaks.

Furthermore, an analysis of contributing factors from 154 foodborne disease outbreaks during June 20016–September 20017 showed language barriers between management and workers as one of three reasons illnesses were not caught before an outbreak.

Is your HR team available around the clock for employee call-outs?

Our Experts greet and help your employees at any time.

In today’s global world, it’s always regular business hours somewhere. We can help extend your availability to offer convenience and service to your staff.

Do you utilize a particular CRM in-house?

Whether you use the system provided by one of our preferred partners – Kronos and Workday – or use a different method that fits your business we can integrate with your platform to quickly help you deal with daily HR services.

Key points of an AI-powered HR call-out line:

  1. 24/7 customer support provided by live, U.S. based Experts
  2. Bi-Lingual Services
  3. Call recording and monitoring
  4. Customized Call Handling Programs and Scripts
  5. Award-winning Customer Service
  6. Complete reliability, compassion, and accountability
  7. Dispatching and Message Taking
  8. Live Reporting and access to the User Portal
  9. Mass SMS and email available, to keep your messaging consistent to employees throughout any disaster or emergency

Want to learn more? Read our 5 tips on AI-powered phone lines!

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