Impact of Customer Experience on Churn and Retention

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Customer churn and retention are two of the most important considerations for your customer experience strategy. Successful companies understand the impact of engagement with their base and the influence of a well-mapped customer journey on their bottom line.  Customer experience must always be a focus for your company. Complete contact centers work to ensure that your business retains clients and provides a balanced, focused journey.

Every business needs a loyal customer base for uninterrupted growth. When customers are confused or underserved, it causes an immediate loss of revenue. Negative customer interactions destroy your recurring customer business, drive a decline in referrals, and can negatively influence market reputation. Every business should put energy towards retaining customers and building a positive brand.  Here are a few key points to remember when developing your customer journey:

Customer experience matters to churn and retention.

Many common market scenarios reveal that new customers do not make immediate decisions when spending on any new product. Studies show that existing customers, when happy with their experience, are 50% more likely to try a new product and pay 30% more on a new product.

Retain existing customers.

Customer churn causes loss of revenue for any business. There is a considerable cost of getting new customers when recovering a loss.  Retaining existing customers is a more cost-effective way to manage income than spending money to get new ones. The numbers show that most companies make five times higher investments to attract new buyers as compared to maintaining the existing ones.

Understanding the customer lifecycle is important. 

Every company needs to identify the reasons behind its decay in customer retention rates. It is essential to do an honest assessment of all factors that contribute to customer retention. Every business needs to understand the customer journey and the critical places to interact to better your customer’s satisfaction.

Connect your brand to your customer sentiment.

Create a positive perception of your brand in the competitive market. When you are successful in improving your customer retention rate by just 5%, it can boost your profits by 25% to 95%. Consider the customer experience a priority for your business to increase customer retention and loyalty. Growing brands need to connect customer sentiments to a seamless customer journey to build a unique experience for new and existing customers.

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