IVR Software – What It Is And Why It Matters.


Every business needs a way to interact with its customers and IVR software makes it easy to save time and money.

How do you define IVR software? You may know it as an interactive voice response system. 

IVR systems can make call routing much easier for call centers. These systems allow a company to collect information about the calls their agents receive and the dial pad inputs that agents and customers use. The system should also allow these companies to record custom messages and prompts, thereby helping them to record complex IVR trees with ease.

IVR software is a powerful tool capable of maximizing your customer service efficiency. The system should record and collect caller data, which will help you know who is calling, what their concerns are, and why they are calling.

What Is IVR Software?

Every business needs a way to interact with its customers. In the past, a company did this through a simple telephone system that only allowed for incoming and outgoing calls. 

Today, businesses need more from their support system. They need an automated attendant that can receive calls, provide information, and route callers to the proper departments, all without requiring human intervention. This support can be done through an interactive voice response or IVR software. 

IVRs are commonly found in places where a large number of calls have to be handled daily, and agents cannot always be present to take them — apartment complexes, plumbers, HVAC, and so on. The software needs to greet customers by name and provide accurate information about the services they offer or the products they carry.

IVR software is a system used by call centers and companies to automate the greeting, request for information, and routing calls made to their business phones. 

It can connect with callers through an automated message, choosing their desired option by simply pressing a number or saying a response. If your call is more complex, it routes you out to a live human operator who can better handle your needs. Used for various reasons, IVR software is usually used to determine the choice of callers in a business’ process. 

But how? Prerecorded messages can inform callers about specific options that they can choose from, allowing them to talk to a representative immediately if appropriate. Though this appears like a simple concept, it is powerful in its way.

How IVR Software Can Save Time and Money. 

An IVR system can help your business save thousands of dollars per month when implemented correctly. That’s because you can reduce the number of time agents spend gathering information and routing calls manually.

IVR combines the best of both worlds with a powerful tool that provides businesses with many benefits without straining budgets.

Toll-free numbers are a common feature of IVR systems. With this type of system, callers can reach your company simply by dialing a toll-free number — they don’t need to know the extension. They also don’t need to navigate an automated menu system; they enter their information, and a real person will answer as soon as possible. Toll-free numbers usually include an 800 prefix and are free for the caller, but some companies use local numbers instead, which are more expensive for the caller and the business using them.

There are many reasons why IVR software is a wise investment for any business. However, it may seem like an unnecessary expense. Here are some of the main benefits of IVR software to your business.

Reduced costs.

An IVR system lowers costs by reducing agents’ time gathering information and routing calls manually. 

Customers don’t have to spend as much time on hold if they call during peak service hours. They’ll go through fewer transfers, too — a significant benefit for anyone who calls many companies with customer service departments.

Tightened customer service.

Callers can go through fewer transfers when they use an IVR system. By the time they reach a live agent, they’ve already answered all of the necessary questions themselves. This support helps both businesses and customers. 

It’s easy to see it as a cost-cutting measure, but IVR systems mutually benefit businesses and customers. Not only do these systems save companies money by reducing the number of staff required for specific tasks, but they also provide customers with an efficient service or sales experience. 

A well-designed IVR system can boost customer satisfaction as well as your bottom line. At Call Experts, we have nearly 40 years of experience supporting businesses. For support now, contact us

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