Key steps for HVAC technicians to prepare for the summer.

How to prepare for summer HVAC season

We know it, you know it. Regardless of the scenario, your everyday and after-hours HVAC call handling must be fantastic and put the customer experience first. It isn’t just about customer service anymore.  

If you’re losing HVAC customers and prospective clients due to bad after-hours call handling, it is time to fix your experience. The reality is you know what your inbound emergency calls look like. If you are offering poor customer support and receiving negative reviews, it is time for a change. 

But, how do you streamline your customer experience? It would help if you had a time-tested script, award-winning protocols, and customer experience technologies. Then, you can outsource to industry professional support teams. If you need all of this right now, contact us

Imagine if you spent your day fixing burnt-out motors, refrigerant leakages, clogged lines, ventilation interruptions, electrical issues, not answering questions, scheduling appointments, and transferring calls. 

Are you prepared for this summer’s HVAC demands?

The summer means one thing for HVAC technicians. A rush! 

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, “Demand levels during the summer and winter months tend to be higher than demand levels during the fall and spring “shoulder” seasons when system demand for space conditioning (heating or cooling) is low. The annual peak of hourly, daily, and monthly demand typically occurs during the winter or summer.” 

During the summer, there are more calls and more emergencies with shorter patience from your customers. Your phone calls need to have shorter hold times and faster resolutions, but this is not the case for many companies. 

We offer cordial, quick, and accurate call-processing by our trained Experts for home service and A/C businesses of all sizes!

If you’re not first, you’re last. Company owners who take a proactive approach throughout the sluggish months of spring to get ready for the summer season’s hectic rush will undoubtedly enjoy the benefits of their labor!

Staffing and management tools are essential for HVAC businesses.

Recruiting, hiring, and employing outstanding professionals is challenging. In getting ready for summertime, first, start with the data. What do you have to help you take a look at past seasonal information? From years past to inform you of the number of individuals you will require, how frequently they call out, and what you are projecting for this coming summer season. 

Learn more about our Attendance Platform here.

Understanding the numbers will enable you to come up with an employment strategy. It will allow you to plan if you need to provide bonus offers, fringe benefits, or other advantages. 

Once you have a better understanding of your needs, offer tools to empower your team and make their lives easier at work. Here are a few ideas that our team can support for you:

  1. On-call Scheduling
  2. Phone, SMS, and email Technician Notifications
  3. Employee Attendance Phone Line w. Confirmations
  4. Utilize customer experience data to improve your customer journey.

Your contact center is your partner.

If you currently have one, you understand that having a high-quality answering service in place is vital to running an effective heating and cooling service. 

  • Enable your customers to reach you rapidly in an emergency. 
  • Create time for you by screening calls, scheduling appointments, and managing crises.  
  • Deliver consistent customer support and take advantage of marketing efforts. 

A contact center is an asset to your operation and a cash maker. In a true partnership, you can combine your industry and customer-based knowledge with your competitors’ experiences to create an outstanding opportunity, even during your seasonal rush. We have nearly 40 years of experience working with HVAC, gas, utilities, water, and other home service companies. 

Don’t miss an opportunity for HVAC marketing and outreach.

Many marketers think that direct-mail advertising postcards work to inform your service area that it’s time to get ready for the warmer weather condition. 

We will suppose you are currently utilizing social networks to let your neighbors know about your services. 

Your goal is to tell homeowners, “it’s time to ensure their houses are ready for the summer season.” Differentiate yourself by offering your customers and potential customers, in all campaigns, unique contact numbers. And zero in on the projects producing the most calls, appointments, requests, etc. The best part, they are receiving award-winning, efficient communications the entire time.


For A/C companies all over the nation, spring is the slowest season. It is usually a time to get caught up from the previous winter season, evaluate the existing state of business, restock supplies, and begin preparing for a hectic summer season. 

Assemble an informed strategy for the summertime rush with contact center support. Call Experts is your perfect partner with time-tested scripts, award-winning protocols, and customer experience technologies to help you thrive throughout this summer’s rush. Contact us to discuss how we can help your business.

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