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Employee attendance data, tracking, and management are a problem for many organizations. Today, to manage your team, you must integrate the most powerful tools that can support the needs and questions of your management and team members. 

Do you know how much absences cost your business?  

Does your team have the employee attendance data they need to make decisions? 

The US Department of Labor (DOL) approximated that practically 3 percent of an employer’s labor force was absent on any given day. The resulting loss in productivity, poor employee morale, and short-lived labor create a high cost to the organization. The price of these losses is often misconstrued, seen as not easily measured, or dismissed as minimal since the expenses are primarily included in payroll expenditures. Furthermore, employers often rely on methods like spreadsheets and time cards to track attendance manually. 

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Human Resources experts are often urged to develop a case for technology to support their attendance needs and address this concern. The Call Experts Attendance Platform will integrate into your existing process, keep stakeholders informed and involved, and other plans related to attendance tracking. 

In this blog, we’re going to discuss the importance of managing employee attendance and explain how an automated tool quickly provides support and integrates with your existing ERM, timekeeping, or payroll software. 


Why track employee attendance anyways?

Compelling stats support evaluating and tracking the price of an employee’s absence: both the hard-dollar costs (e.g., wage, advantages, and substitute workers) and the soft-dollar costs (e.g., decreased spirits which cuts performance). 

Unscheduled absenteeism costs roughly $3,600 per year for each hourly worker and $2,660 each year for salaried employees. Including costs related to: 

  • Wages paid to absent employees
  • Overtime pay for other employees and higher wages for temporary workers
  • Associated costs of managing absences inside your organization

The cost of absenteeism can also relate to soft costs like: 

  • Poor quality of goods
  • Lack of time or effort for outstanding customer support
  • Reduced productivity
  • Poor time management, especially for managers having to deal with discipline and finding employee replacements
  • Safety issues (inadequately trained employees filling in for others, rushing to catch up after arriving as a replacement, etc.)
  • Poor morale among employees 

Healthy employees have more energy to invest in your business! Crafting a healthy workplace with clear communication saves your manager’s time, the company money, and your team with ease.  


Human Resources support via AI-Powered employee attendance tools and phone lines.

HR specialists are involved with every level of employee absenteeism. They help to create, manage, and monitor sick-leave policies.  

From receiving calls to employees calling in sick or late; establishing whether a physician’s note is valid; defining metrics and which systems to use to keep track of absenteeism; notifying managers regarding absence issues; and, finally, providing information to senior executives to manage absence issues. 

We have great news. Old-time management methods such as spreadsheets and the manual entry of timesheets is gone. AI-powered time management systems increase the overall productivity of your employees. It eliminates payroll errors and streamlines your employee scheduling needs. Access to data and real-time reporting, alerting, and messaging keep your team prepared and forecasting for all situations. 

Call Experts’ AI-Powered attendance platform can help you avoid payroll, attendance tracking, and staffing errors. Plus, it ensures accurate data to help your team analyze seasonal, regional, and locational changes to prepare your team. 

It allows HR departments to track time and record payroll accurately and automatically without manual support.


The system automatically gathers, analyzes, and forecasts information related to absences.

All company needs to understand:

  • What absence occurs, how frequently, and what are the trends? 
  • When are absences detrimental to my business? 
  • Does a problem exist at a location, across a region, or in the entire organization? 
  • What solutions are appropriate?

To answer these questions and receive more profound insights, get a dedicated attendance tracking phone line for your employees. This line moves all attendance reporting to one, streamlined process for consistent and compliant reporting with a real-time dashboard of data and attendance trends. 

Implementation is quick, and it integrates with your existing timekeeping, payroll, or ERM systems. Automatically provide data to supervisors about employees’ attendance levels at work with ease. Calculate competency levels and give the correct salaries and wages. 


The price of absence is commonly misinterpreted, seen as not conveniently gauged or ignored since the expenses primarily consist of payroll expenditures. 

Compelling evidence supports that you must ignore this instinct and focus on the employee attendance data to improve your business. Tracking the costs of absence, both the hard-dollar costs (e.g., wage, advantages as well as substitute workers) as well as the soft-dollar expenses (e.g., decreased morale, which reduces productivity) create unique opportunities for your business:

  • Time Savings in HR Admin (20hr+/wk)
  • Money Savings ($30k+/yr)
  • Trend Predictions and Smart Scheduling
  • Avoid Supervisor Frustration
  • Eliminate Manual Tracking
  • Ensure Compliance and Accurate Records 

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