Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Absence, Time, and Attendance Tracking.

5 reasons why you need absence tracking

Too many organizations use disparate, spreadsheet-based systems for employee time and absence tracking. Many organizations don’t think about attendance tracking technology until it is too late. Because of this, attendance tracking often is disconnected and lacks organization, and organizations experience inefficiencies every day. Not to mention, your organization is missing an opportunity to super-serve your team and boost employee engagement.

According to The Economist – Economic Unit, “Employees who believe their workplace effectively uses mobile tech are more creative, satisfied, and productive at work.”

What is the simple, affordable fix? An attendance tracking platform. Connect your employee directly into your absence tracking and reporting systems via automated phone lines. Save your company time, money, and the hassle of incorrect records while improving employee engagement.

With the Call Experts Absence Tracking Platform, data is received, analyzed, stored, alerted, and reported in real-time with ERM integrations! Our attendance tracking platform helps ensure that your information is consistent across your entire network. 

Your leadership can receive alerts, review, and approve: 

  • employee schedules
  • PTO requests
  • FMLA
  • COVID-19 details, symptoms, location, time, and more. 

You can always review the data based on: 

  • time windows
  • employee ID
  • location ID
  • regional, corporate, and more. 

Here are the top 5 reasons the Call Experts Absence Tracking Platform saves your business time and money!

Reduces Paper and Administrative Attendance Tracking Work.

There is no more printing paper timesheets or manually entering data into a spreadsheet. Through your dedicated phone line, employees call-in and report absences. Our integrations will automatically update all records then notify supervisors for approvals. If approved, employees receive confirmations and can access details via portal or ERM login. 

We are reducing the need for paper timesheets! Minimize the administrative burdens on your HR staff. 

Let your teams spend time focusing on strategic activities like manager training and employee engagement events.

Learn how we saved ThyssenKrupp over 20hrs/week and $30,000/yr per location.
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Manage Employees Efficiently When There Is An Absence.

Our AI-powered attendance tracking platform provides managers with the ability to match schedules with workload projections. 

Our robust analytics gives managers the ability to review employee time and attendance data quickly. By looking for opportunities to be more streamlined, leadership can eliminate bottlenecks that decrease productivity.

Improved Wage and Hours Compliance with Overtime Management.

When schedule conflicts appear, an automated system helps maintain compliance by allowing managers to archive employee work time details, absences, and policies to comply with various wage and labor laws.  

If your business receives an audit for allegations of wage and hour violations, the data generated through this integrated system can ease your audit.

Furthermore, supervisors can also set specific notifications related to the total number of absences per location, employee, etc. You can better manage employee call-outs and overtime to remain within contractual, government, and company guidelines regarding scheduling.

Want to learn more about the benefits of the Attendance Tracking Platform? Click here.

Boost Employee Satisfaction with Attendance Tracking made easy.

Scheduling and managing attendance requests are crucial to maintaining a stable and happy workforce! 

Organizations that offer employees PTO hours while also being flexible to accommodate their leave and absence requests can generally foster the desired employee experience. With an integrated, mobile system, it is easy to react quickly to time-off requests and manage planned absences to reduce your organization’s adverse effects.

When your HR department has the right tools to act quickly on absence requests, employees will feel valued.

Stop Wasting Time Recording Absences When Employees Can Do It For Themselves!

Employee self-service allows every employee to access information with ease! They can review their time-off requests, approvals and check confirmation numbers. 

Enable your employees to answer the most basic questions themselves, increasing satisfaction and decreasing the amount of time your HR professionals spend answering simple concerns or requests for information. The attendance tracking platform also makes it easy for leadership to review employee information if required. And, the attendance tracking platform saves time and provides tools for leadership to make informed business decisions.


Stop having separate systems drag your business productivity down, or even worse, using paper documents to track attendance. 

Adopt an attendance tracking platform with a phone line to better handle HR processes while enhancing its efficiencies. All records will be automatically updated in specific employee profiles, allowing employees quick access to their absence details while reducing the need for paper timesheets.

Integrations between your absence tracking and reporting systems can significantly impact a company’s bottom-line and employee engagement. Integrations between your employee call-out phone system and your absence tracking and reporting systems can significantly impact a company’s bottom-line and employee engagement. To learn how we can help your business, contact us now! 

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