What is absence management and why is it important?

Absence Management Tips

How is your team handling absence management and absence tracking? Are you working with employees to identify and reduce any potentially avoidable causes of absenteeism? When your team shares a goal of improving employee health and the company’s bottom line, your culture and revenue will thrive. You will discover unknown trends and correlate those back to seasons, quarters, even television show series finales.

The Workforce Institute led a study during the last season of Game of Thrones. It revealed that over 34% of employees in the US, 27.2 million, acknowledged they are more inclined to stay at home, call out sick, arrive late, or be less productive in the workplace.

While some companies’ absence plans are highly comprehensive, some aren’t. Absence tracking needs to be a win-win situation, both for your employees and your organization! This article will help you understand what absence management is all about and offer a few helpful tips and resources. So, you can begin to use absence tracking to develop an effective prevention program.

What is absence management?

Worker absences can occur for various factors– individual troubles, a lack of inspiration or assumptions, sickness, family emergency, a car wreck, and more. Absence management first begins with a comprehensive absence tracking software. 

At Call Experts, our Attendance Software offers tracking, reporting, alerting, and trend development. With this tool, a simple phone line becomes an absence management solution. Your employees call in whenever they need to report to their supervisor. Then, your team member uses your designated phone line that records the absence, sends a confirmation number, and automatically alerts supervisors via text or email. The best part? We can get your company set up in just 48 hours. Contact us now.

Why is absence tracking crucial?

At first, you think a couple of missed days at the job isn’t that big of a deal. However, once it becomes a pattern, the effect is expensive. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that performance loss connected to absence expense was nearly $225 billion each year, or approximately $1,685 per staff member. Not to mention, an effective solution can save your business about 20 hrs per week in administrative work.  

If your business is trying to save time and money, absence tracking and absence management should be on your radar. 

How does an absence tracking platform work?

Our phone lines use automation to provide an easy, customized protocol for guiding your team through questions via prompts and keypad engagement. Then, our technology collects the information and builds data to report on the workplace environment, employee requests, and absences.

Fast Setup

Our team creates a customized protocol with phone line scripting and cutting-edge automations. We can get your team live in almost 48 hours, depending on the total employee number.

Advanced Tools

We don’t want you to change much with your existing system. We want to add a phone line for your team members to call when they want to report out sick or PTO. Then, the automated phone line records and reports the absence while keeping private employee data secure. 


After the call is reported to the supervisor and a confirmation is sent to the employee, management can visit your unique web-based portal. You can search records by employee name, ID number, location, region, and more. It makes it easy to discover trends, view regions or locations, and understand your absence management places to improve. 

Absence management solutions come with numerous advantages.

Let’s dive right in and list a few:

  • Improved Team member health.
  • Increased Productivity and Operational Efficiency
  • Bring Ease to PTO requests for everyone involved.
  • Make work-life balance a priority for your company and a selling point for recruitment.
  • Don’t misplace the essential details related to private employee requests and sick leave. (especially associated with COVID-19)

Absence management solutions offer a straightforward process for your team to request time off. At Call Experts, our attendance platform provides transparency and real-time updates to supervisors as well. 

Incentivize your team members with no additional cost solely by offering and recognizing FMLA, handicap, and various other options for leave. An easy way to make your team feel great that their company respects their clinical or household needs. 

A lack of absence tracking and management can lead to detrimental errors for your company, like: 

  • Wasted time in administrative rather than company forward projects.
  • Communication and clerical errors.
  • Lost productivity in the workplace and lost revenues.
  • Lack of foresight for scheduling and seasonal rushes.

Don’t miss an opportunity to grow your business and encourage your team! Absence management solutions aren’t expensive and are easy to implement. Our attendance platform can seamlessly connect to your existing time tracking programs, ERM, and other management software at Call Experts. 

Incorporate efficient absence tracking techniques as well as protocols.

Below are four tips for your HR administration team to consider when establishing an absence management strategy.

  1. Develop a participation plan

A strong participation plan establishes explicit directions for absences actions as well as corrective actions for constant wrongdoers. It needs to address points like accepted vs. unauthorized absences, tardiness, very early clock-outs, and no-shows. It should define clear roles and protocols for calling out or requesting late, PTO, etc.  

Not to mention, this is a great time to consider handouts, messages, and procedures related to switching to a phone line. You can give everyone business cards with the steps for reporting out. Another idea is professional memorandums in mailboxes and emails explaining a switch in the protocol.  Contact us to learn more. 

  1. Once you have a plan, make sure it is in action.

To efficiently take care of staff member absences, you need to apply your strategy constantly, all the time. Offer incentives and show real examples to your team of great work once you are live. Set up routine meetings with supervisors and survey your team members every few months to make sure the program is working. 

  1. Develop reports, study trends, and set up real-time monitoring.

Every time an absence occurs, record it and ensure it makes it to the specific supervisor and the time tracker system or ERM. No person wishes to be micromanaged, so building a process, using automation and software, and then reviewing the data can help your employees feel free. Also, your supervisors can understand important trends related to the time of year to help with staffing the rush or scheduling on-call employees. 

  1. Compensate and reward outstanding attendance. 

Take into consideration an incentive program for great attendance. Acknowledging excellent participation can be among the most affordable value! Consistent attendance is one of the best boosts for your bottom line related to money, productivity, and cultural morale. 


Household emergencies. Blowouts. Unwell youngsters. These are all quite typical reasons for staff member absence. Yet suppose the periodic sick day ends up being a routine occurrence? How will you know when one employee is gaming the system?

Your business may be missing an opportunity to make more money and operate with more efficiency. Our attendance tracking platform, or absence management system, uses a phone line to record, report, and alert supervisors of absences and tardiness. It can even send mass SMS alerts to team members and record COVID-specific details. To understand all the advantages, tips, and downfalls of absence management, read the article above.

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