What does an IVR cost?

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What does an IVR cost? To understand this you have to start at the beginning.

What is IVR?

An AI-powered system that interacts with callers can gather information, and report the information to designated locations via email, SMS, or secure portal login. There are two different types of IVR systems that you can implement to support your business: on-premises systems and cloud systems. Therefore, the on-premises hardware systems are used to store and back up all of your data within the physical reach of your business, while the cloud systems store the data virtually (in the cloud and not in your office).

A crucial point here.

Cloud systems are the most widely used and cost-effective method. They don’t require much work from your side because the cloud hosting provider maintains them. In short, our services are cloud-based, HIPAA compliant, and secured with certified data protection, backup, and redundancy.

How do we calculate IVR cost?

Looking at the cost of IVR systems, it is essential to be aware of the key metrics used to calculate the price of our services. While some providers charge every minute of the call, we offer services per call along with virtual number plans. Per-minute charges can vary based on the call type or caller and can turn out to be more expensive!

What does the Call Experts IVR cost?

Call Experts’ IVR packages start at $45/month and $0.85 a call.

Companies that are comparatively larger in size and have several complex IVR needs should contact us directly. Above all, your services should be supported with a custom quote so that cost reflects all your unique requirements.

Tell me more about CE’s IVR.

Our automated phone line offers a simple, customized process for directing your callers through a series of questions utilizing voice prompts and keypad touches. Starting with our tried and true templates, your account manager will suggest scripts and then cater them to your exact needs.

With Call Experts, you have infinite possibilities for customization through AI-powered automation. Once we know what you need, we will set up your call tree to collect the information you need and help your callers get the answers they need. Our features allow you to:

  • Ask for specific details for caller verification.
  • Never leave a caller on hold.
  • Improve operator efficiency and call center service cost (when utilizing our live agent solutions).
  • Generate a confirmation number for your callers via phone, SMS, or email.
  • Send emails and text messages to designated recipients and callers to report call resolution or request.

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