Every company’s use of smartphones is at an all-time high, and employee mass notifications are an innovative, easy way to share information with your business. 

Business text notifications are a cost-effective way to send information to large numbers of team members. It happens at once when you need to relay critical information. They give businesses flexibility in communicating important news, updates, or safety alerts and can be sent out in emergencies. Employee mass notifications can be an essential part of your business continuity plan.

Sometimes the fastest way to get information to someone is through text messaging (SMS).

According to recent research, “SMS marketing is becoming as important as ever in 2021, as 98% of adults in the US have access to a mobile device with text messaging services. In the US alone, there are over 272 million smartphone users. 

In addition, text messaging is especially useful if you need to reach out to a specific person right away or if you need to contact groups of people with information, like remote employees. 

An SMS gets information to people quickly and through a channel that almost all US adults engage with daily. For example, 95% of text messages are read and responded to within 3 minutes of being received.

The most popular reasons businesses are using employee mass notification systems:

  • Updates from HR, like a significant change in policy or notification that employee benefits enrollment is open.
  • Reports of closures due to specific holidays or events related to the weather like hurricanes.
  • Health-related events that cause building closures, like COVID-19. 
  • Building lockdowns related to threats on property like an active shooter. 

How does it work?

It is simple; here’s how it works. 

You select a group of employees, such as all staff members in a particular department or those with a specific job title. After you compile the employee phone numbers, you upload them to the system and get to work scheduling when to send the messages. 

When you’re done, you can be sure employees will receive your message shortly after you have scheduled them to send.  

Three tips to help you set up employee mass notifications with ease!

Build a plan.  

Preparation is vital when mass notifying your employees. Some of the most critical aspects of preparing for an employee mass notification system include knowing who to contact and what information to communicate with them.

Templates are essential tools to have in place to help companies ensure that mass communication is done efficiently and effectively. Using a standard procedure in how messages are sent lets everyone know what to expect at each step. In addition, when everyone understands the process, it frees up your time so you can focus on other tasks other than sending out mass communications.

Download our free checklist here to get started on your business continuity plan!

Segment your data now, so mass SMS is a breeze.

To have success with mass notifications, it is critical that you first prepare your data. 

Segmenting your data based on relevant criteria will give you the best results when reaching out to a specific target audience. For example, it may be helpful to prepare lists by departments so you can quickly contact teams.

Be specific.

When setting up these notifications, it’s good to make sure they’re specific and concise so that employees can act on them as fast as possible. 

For example, if the information is related to an emergency, we recommend including timelines so your employees will know when to expect another communication from the business.

Mass Notifications and Emergency Planning.

Have you ever wondered what your company should do in case of an emergency? After all, every business wants to have a plan in place. But, it can be hard to know how and when to execute that plan. 

One excellent option is to send out text messages. 

Why does that work so well? First, wireless communication is easily accessible on employee phones. Second, using the technology in this way quickly disseminates news or instructions to everyone. 

Better yet, employees are familiar with the technology and already know how to use it – making it the perfect technology for an emergency messaging system. It’s also fast, direct, and interactive. As a result, your company can give employees important information immediately and smoothly execute a contingency plan.

Business continuity is essential during emergencies. Download our free business continuity checklist to make sure you have everything in place to support your employees, clients, and community, even in the face of a disaster or emergency.

Employee Mass SMS Notifications: why you need them now. 

Businesses need to communicate with employees in the case of a crisis or emergency, and often they can’t because there is nobody available to relay the information. Businesses’ mass communications tools are often used to relay news about sales, company events, and more. However, these systems also have many other capabilities to send critical alerts or reminders quickly.

When your employees are involved in mass notification systems, you can effectively and instantly relay important information. 

You can opt to send text messages directly to their devices or have messages relay through the push of a button by phone call, e-mail, or text. This type of system cuts down on lost time and potential damage if something goes wrong.

If your team has not adopted mass notification systems yet, take a look at the options in this article for some great information.

Employers have the power to contact employees in just a few seconds via text alerts. Employee mass notifications are a feature that is so easy that anyone with the intentions of getting their employees can do it without any problems. 

If you wish to employ this effective mass communication channel, contact us now, and we will help your business gain from this time-saving feature.