A contact center will use business call routing to create the optimal customer experience for your company with minimal involvement from you or your team. We have a few questions for you, especially if you don’t have a contact center partner: 

  • Have you ever called your business? What does it feel like? 
  • Are callers getting transferred from person to person or department to department to get help?
  • Are you answering the phone for your business, thinking, “wow, it would be great if this person was screened?” 
  • Do you get an unruly amount of robocalls and spam calls?

Whether you are thinking about your customer journey or internal productivity, call routing and escalation protocol are essential to your business. Call routing is an effective tool for getting your callers or customers to the solutions they need fast. Whether you provide standard help desk solutions or customized customer support, call routing eliminates the hassle of phone conversations. 

For small to midsize businesses, it projects confidence and gives a more prominent appearance. For more significant firms, it streamlines support and process to create productivity. Regardless of the size of your business, call routing makes time and money for your team and your bottom line. 

What is Call Routing?

Call routing is a management tool for businesses, it directs callers to the correct representative or follows appropriate escalation protocols.

There are typically two types of call routing, live and automated. For live services, the goal is to connect the caller with a real person immediately. The Expert then determines the department or person the caller wants to speak with and transfers the call accordingly.

Automated, or AI-powered, call routing utilizes a series of voice prompts and touch tones which a caller activates following prompts through a self-service call. A Lot of people know automated call routing from calling their electric or cell phone company. These solutions provide efficiency and can also be a great combatant to robo-calls and spam or bots. Also, automated greetings and call routing can help save your company both time and money. 

An excellent call routing protocol will create productivity, saving time for your team while also decreasing hold and wait times for your callers. Also, the protocols will route callers to the departments or people they need seamlessly. For instance, if you want to speak to a French-speaking agent, you can “press two” for someone in Spanish. Call routing supports many contact center services, as well as best practices for customer support.

Create a brand that prioritizes satisfaction with an organized customer experience.

Multitasking can make or break your business but often is required to “get stuff done.” You know these people all too well: answering the phone while helping a customer and finishing up payroll. While this is feasible, it is not optimal for your business.  

Our experienced, live Experts are trained to deliver results to your customers. We will not get distracted or delay conversations. Instead, when someone calls your business, they will promptly receive a warm, friendly agent prepared to have a knowledgeable discussion about their needs. This is where your brand is experienced, in the trenches. 

The process starts addressing time to answer (TTA) and hold times. These are the key analytics that tells the story of outstanding customer service and optimize call routing. With fast TTA and low hold times, your clients will be pleased from the start of the call. Then, with time-tested, award-winning call routing protocols, your callers are directed to the solutions and answers they need. 

The best part? Since our services are 24/7/365, your callers will always be able to rely on you for the support and answers they need. Especially in an emergency, when callers need to make sure they get to the right person immediately. 

Optimize the time to resolution for all of your callers.

With outstanding call routing comes an ideal time to resolve. Response to inquiries is an essential focus when considering business call routing procedures. You want your callers to get to the person or answer they need quickly and easily. 

Call Trees and Automated Greeting are a fantastic way to get your call answered quickly and get your callers to their desired destination, not to mention cuts down on spam. Our team can build these into your routine procedures.

Even without the use of automation, with live agent call routing, you can optimize efficiency and ensure that agents are creating a meaningful relationship with your callers. Writing into scripts prompts to build relationships combined with training, allowing our team to direct people to the solutions they need effectively. 

Increase productivity amongst your team so that they can focus on what is essential – growth!

Have you heard the famous saying, “work on your business, not in it?” It is time for you to bring this into action. Business call routing creates the opportunity for you to automate the tasks you don’t want to spend your time on. Let’s give you an example:

It is the busiest time of year for you. You have orders coming in, or technicians out in the field, with clients calling for support, and bills due, and on and on. Utilize a contact center to support some of these operations and give you your time back. Business call routing allows our team to answer your phones and support lines to funnel only the most essential back to your team. 

Not to mention, once these services are established, you can completely unplug from your office. Especially if you are a small business owner, we know how valuable this time can be. Managing the best work/life balance is how you will create products for yourself, not to mention the state of mind. Eliminate unnecessary phone calls, support requests, and help desk activities. Outsource to the Experts!

Decrease the time your callers spend waiting for answers and responses.

No one likes to get them to put on hold or push to the following department, especially your callers. However, going from person to person without answers and resolutions can completely ruin the customer experience and your brand.  

Especially if you have many competitors, it is essential to distinguish your business and capitalize on all opportunities to super-service your customers while creating space for you to do your business. Don’t leave your customers on hold and frustrated. Instead, create advocates for your services by routing callers to the people and results or resources they need. 

Save money with optimized business call routing.

When you are working on your budget or finding new ways to save money, you should invest in outsourced customer journey experts. You can prioritize your time and save money on costly staffing and operations line items. Primarily, you can create new opportunities to make money. 

Are you an HVAC, plumbing, electric, or home services company? Download our infographic on the cost of a missed call here.

If all this sounds great to you, then let’s get started. Our team will customize a package to your needs and take a consultative approach to build your call routing and solutions. It begins with one of our time-tested, award-winning scripts that we know works for businesses in your industry. Then, we adapt to your needs, requests, and service types. Next, our training team dives in with the experts answering for your business to ensure that we provide the best service possible. Finally, with routine quality assurance check-ins, we guarantee that Experts are acting as an extension of your business.

Contact center experts provide customized call routing for your business.

Your contact center partner must understand how to create a seamless workflow that improves the customer experience while saving money for your business. Therefore, your callers become loyal to your brand and advocates for your service. They will leave positive reviews, call on you in their own time of need, and tell their friends.    

Another way to analyze this type of brand advocacy and strength is with retention rates. Did you know that the average retention rate for a customer in many top industries is 94%? Therefore, your business must be focused on retention rates and investing in increasing this metric. There is no better or more affordable route to excellent customer retention than outstanding customer support and superior call routing.  


Business call routing can save your business time and money and increase productivity amongst your team. You can free up the time and get yourself or your team off the phone and into higher priority projects. Trust the experts when it comes to calling routing, scripts, and escalation protocols; contact us.