Customer experience analytics tools are essential for growing businesses. As technology advances and improves, experienced business experts are discovering that AI is the best tool for transforming the Digital Customer Experience.

A 2019 study conducted on the Digital Customer Experience reveals that AI has the potential to significantly transform the process and most companies are already relying on these tools.

  • 39% rise in digital sales.
  • 45% enhancements in customer ratings.
  • 95% growth in the numbers of new customers.
  • More than 44% of organizations are making use of AI.

Those who have not yet incorporated AI might be curious to understand how they can start. Well, it is simple; use AI templates to supplement simple business process functions. Once those techniques start delivering positive results, utilize AI and agent-assisted functions to resolve complex customer inquiries and actions. The fact is that even after implementing AI, you will still require human beings to adjust, analyze and act upon collected data sets. Do not make the mistake of thinking that AI can replace all human intelligence.

AI offers support for functions like:

  • Natural language processing to understand conversations and interpret vital statistics with actionable recommendations.
  • Chatbots or virtual agents can address a wide range of features and questions to provide relevant analysis and efficient protocol.
  • Predict the buying behaviors and preferences of your customers.
  • Detect customer sentiments and emotions to make efficient decisions and enhance experiences.
  • Design advanced, skill-based rules to manage customer interactions that change depending on real-time situations.
  • Develop sophisticated performance analytics that evaluates contact center metrics.
  • Real-time speech analytics to understand the verbal content of your customers.