How Missed Calls Affect Businesses.

how missed calls affect businesses

Missed calls are complicated for everybody involved. Because of this, availability is an essential concept your customer journey must address. Contact center services ensure that you never miss out on opportunities to acquire brand-new clients while providing fantastic customer service. Callers always feel valued. With the right contact center partner, you and your company offer the same outstanding experience every day, 24-7-365.

Is this you? Your phone rings while you’re helping another customer. The call rolls to a full voicemail. Or perhaps you’re out to lunch with a client. No one answers the call. Maybe you’re on a trip with your family, or it’s too hectic to get to the phone. That single missed call sets off a chain reaction you might not anticipate. 

When a prospective client calls your business for the first time or the hundredth time, you must connect immediately. Every opportunity to engage your customers is an opportunity to build a relationship and turn a sale. 

Ask yourself, when you’re sent to voicemail, how does it make you feel? 

You do not feel specifically valued or essential. If the company you called can’t be bothered to pick up the phone, they must not care for your needs. A missed call often means your customer is going to try another company.

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The Cost of a Missed Call.

70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated (McKinsey & Company).

Acquiring a new customer is five times as expensive as retaining an existing customer (Huify).

When you miss a call, you’re not only missing out on a single conversation. You’re also losing significant chances to grow your business and your relationship with your customers. There’s no second opportunity at a first impression. 

For example, if you are an A/C company that charges an average of $1,000 for each job, and you close a business chance on 25% of inbound phone calls, that suggests every missed call costs you $250!

missed calls cost money

Missed appointments represent missed revenue opportunities. When you let calls roll to voicemail, you’re not just missing out on essential discussions– you’re missing out on valuable business.

Do not forget to consider the lifetime value of a consumer. These considerations prove how much is at stake every time the call rings.

missed calls as revenue

Missed calls end up being yet another task on your to-do list you’ll need to address the following day. You’ll invest valuable time returning calls, following up, and playing phone tag to get up to speed.

Those administrative tasks might not seem like a huge deal initially, but they add up and snowball. While you’re returning calls from the previous day, you might miss more calls coming through on the other line. You might delay other projects while you’re catching up on missed calls, triggering other backups and hold-ups.

How do you calculate the cost of a missed call? 

Understanding the differences between earnings capacity and profits can help contextualize the cost of a missed call. Earnings capacity is the opportunity for services or products to make income or gross income. For instance, if you’re a plumber and have the time, skills, and workforce to work four service calls a day, it’s easy to calculate your possible earnings over a given year. Take this number and divide it by the total number of calls that you receive.

Then take the total gross opportunity and subtract expenses, and you’ll see how much revenue is possible for the year (net income).  

Then divide both gross and net by the total number of calls per month. 

As soon as you have determined your gross and net revenue, it’s simple to see the effect a single missed call has on your company. While missing a call may not seem like a significant concern at the moment, it might cost your business significant revenues. 

Don’t waste valuable chances to get in touch with consumers, foster new leads, and never sacrifice consumer comfort. 

Typical Causes of Missed Calls.

Some are obvious: when staff is busy with various other duties not involving responding to phone calls. The team might be called out into the field or only away from their desks for a moment. It may be after hours, and your office is closed. High phone call volume during surge seasons or natural disasters can leave staff members swamped. It just takes a minute to miss out on a call. 

In some cases, technology is at fault for missing out on calls. Out-of-date technology like voicemail or static IVR programs can not carry your brand credibility and are often left unattended or forgotten.

Offering empathy, support, and resolutions to in-person and on-the-phone clients is essential. Never restrict organizational communication to regular business hours only. In an increasingly globalized economic climate, your competitors are open and available 24-hour a day. Partnering with a reputable and experienced contact center ensures that your callers always receive the best service and always take orders.

Missed Phone Call Data.

Please do not assume that you can call a client back; it’s never been easy. You can pour money into expensive advertising and marketing campaigns. You can focus on retargeting, remarketing, and email. However, if there’s no person on the end of the line when customers call your number, you’ve thrown that cash away.

Thirty percent of individuals ( 1 in every 3) claim an outstanding customer care experience will gain their business, and they prefer a genuine, live human. Yet still, the typical individual will invest 43 days of their lives on hold. Free time is unbelievably valuable. 

  • How long are your callers waiting on hold?  
  • Do you have a sense of the sentiment of your callers?
  • Can you list the top 3 requests related to your services?
  • How long does it take to answer a phone call when someone calls your business? 

There’s absolutely nothing that estranges a customer faster than sending them directly to voicemail or asking them to hold. The only thing that can make it worse? You do not know that it is happening. The bright side? Tackling this all-too-common management obstacle is less complicated than you might anticipate. At Call Experts, our contact center services and real-time portal allows your team to have 24/7/365 access to after-hours, call forwarding, message taking, and service level alerts. 

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Minimizing Unanswered Telephone Calls.

There are several remedies to missed calls. For starters, you can employ more staff. And you can partner with a contact center. Regardless, boosting the workforce and plan behind your customer experience enhances your reputation while also raising possible sales earnings.

At Call Experts, our Experts help you craft a consumer experience that is satisfying and memorable. Telephone calls do not have to be merely practical. They can work as chances to forge bonds as well as make lifelong consumer commitment. Anything less is just bad customer service.

Leveraging innovation to accommodate needs ensure coverage during busy periods and encourage scaling back during slower times. While you might expect this approach to be costly, our packages are designed to be affordable and based on volume.

Boost Customer Service Now.

Call Experts uses cost-effective, reputable phone and technology solutions for companies wanting to improve their customer interactions. Our Experts are readily available 24-hour a day, seven days a week, to be the pleasant, practical voice of your brand as they assist clients, offer remedies, take messages, route telephone calls, and more. 

A third-party answering service guarantees top-quality phone call performance every single time the phone rings. Experts have access to the latest technologies and top-notch training, permitting them to capably aid callers with whatever concerns they have or problems that may emerge. We offer multilingual services, as well. 

With dedicated agents covering the phone lines, your in-house group will have more time than ever to dedicate to their duties and tasks. Daily operations will undoubtedly feel like a dream when the phones are not ringing as frequently, disrupting you. 

Missed calls will become a distant memory, leaving you and your team to focus on the in-person clients and your tasks’ most vital parts.

Most importantly, callers may never even realize they’re consulting an answering service. Representatives are trained to work from customized call scripts that mirror your accurate language, plans, and treatments. A lot of our clients report a boost in their brand name credibility after partnering with Call Experts. Do not be amazed when your business witnesses an increase in stellar online evaluations matching your customer service.

Voicemail: More Hurt than Help.

As shown above, individuals hate being left unanswered and leaving messages with a machine. There’s just no way for your caller to recognize if you heard a message. At best, a company voicemail might start an aggravating game of phone tag. It’s no surprise a lot of callers opt to hang up and dial the competitors instead.

Voicemails aren’t just annoying for the caller — staff members themselves commonly despise experiencing the company voice messages. This fact is especially true of employees who currently have a great deal on their plates, like calling out due to a family emergency or calling out late due to a flat tire.  

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Also, individuals typically aren’t excellent at leaving voicemails, leaving out vital call details and essential details.

Inevitably, voicemail sends a clear message that you and your group are inaccessible and have more important things to do than tend to clients. 

While you may never dream of sending such a disrespectful message to customers, voicemail communicates this concept. With your organization’s track record on the line, voicemail can be almost as hazardous to your organization as the missed calls themselves.


Please don’t just take our word for it. Look at the published data, your data, and contact center industry-wide research. Returning calls and playing phone tag isn’t anyone’s idea of enjoyable, but you must never leave a customer annoyed. Missed calls cost your business money and brand reputation, and in most cases, the loss is more expensive than acquiring new customers. It is cheaper for your business to manage existing customers than to earn more business through traditional lead generation strategies. 

See for yourself exactly how reliable Call Experts can be for your business. We offer cost-effective, efficient, and award-winning contact center services. Contact us today.

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