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Call Experts Attendance Platform makes employee call-out, absence, and PTO tracking, reporting, and alerting so much simpler than utilizing spreadsheets.

Does your company still track attendance with spreadsheets? Stop!

When spreadsheets first became available, they provided lots of benefits, especially over-hand calculations, and written ledgers. Attendance tracking via spreadsheets offered an innovative method to save absence and call-out information. 

  • They automated some of the calculations. 
  • You didn’t have to have (or employ) the same level of business math acumen.
  • Employee call-outs and absence tracking became a little less manual.

For many reasons, spreadsheets ended up becoming a staple for business management. So, it’s no wonder Microsoft Excel has controlled the business world for over 30 years! Fast forward to today, your business needs a more efficient way to track, report, and manage employee attendance. Enter employee attendance tracking software.

AI-powered employee call-out and attendance tools are available, web-based, economical, and offer automated phone line support. These systems can easily integrate with the CRM and ERM programs you’re using in-house. Your company must provide features that support smarter scheduling, efficient shift management, employee notification and confirmations, and trend reporting. 

Why should you have an Employee Attendance Platform?

  • Staff members rank PTO as their 2nd most-valued benefit after medical insurance.
  • Employees who believe their organization motivates responsible call-outs, absences and PTO report greater task satisfaction. Why does this matter? It leads to higher retention rates and productivity.
  • Businesses that do not have an absence management strategy are losing an average of $775 per employee per year. (swipeclock)
  • Time off management is much more vital in times of workplace disruption. Read more here. 
  • Engaged staff members prevent unneeded absences, which is suitable for the company.
  • More accurate and timely attendance tracking and PTO management can support smarter scheduling, and fewer missed shifts.

5 Tips to Track and Manage Employee Attendance, Call-Outs, and Absences:

  1. Develop and record your call-out and absence policy in your employee handbook. Include call-out line phone numbers and set expectations with automatic confirmation numbers.
  2. Train managers on your attendance tracking portal, analytics, reports, and PTO approval system.
  3. Track employee call-out date and times, reasons for call-out, location, supervisor, employee ID, etc. 
  4. If relevant, enable PTO for year-end rollover.
  5. Always answer staff member concerns about their PTO and the call-out process.

3 ways the Call Experts Attendance Tracking Platform assists in handling remote employees and COVID symptoms?

At Call Experts, our AI-powered employee call-out phone line and absence tracking platform can do all of this for you. Whether it is absence tracking for remote employees or having the ability to set custom reasons for absences with ease, we can do it all! 

  1. Remote employees must have easy access to supervisors to report absence, tardiness, PTO, and HR requests. 
  2. If your business receives federal government support, you may also need to track authorized leave vs. FMLA as separate absence classifications.
  3. Companies need specific details tracked and recorded related to COVID-19, including the time of first symptom, type of symptoms, and the doctor’s recommendations for treatment. 

We understand your needs and develop an excellent platform with employee call-out lines and live agent support. At Call Experts, we never have any hidden fees or surprise rate changes. Sign up for a demo to learn more. 


Spreadsheet users can’t easily calculate absenteeism rates. They can’t report absences to supervisors in real-time or send confirmation numbers to employees after they call in. Your team needs to use tools developed for handling your unique protocols and policies for employee call-outs, attendance, and PTO. Stop using spreadsheets; streamline your attendance tracking now! Contact us to learn more. 

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