When do medical centers need professional contact center support?

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Patients always need immediate assistance from experts, and you need professional contact center support. It isn’t just the patients though. Medical businesses need support as well to answer the immediate needs of patients.  Having a medical call center will help your team answer your patient calls and messages with urgency.  Our off-site Experts offer call screening, patient support, and the simplest way to boost patient satisfaction and staff productivity.

We need to manage an overwhelming amount of calls, rely on professional contact center support.

Medical practices serve a wide range of patients. It can be challenging to handle unlimited calls all day long and offer superior service. The phone lines get busy, and the patients start feeling ignored and frustrated. Our contact centers can help filter calls per patient needs while answering the simple questions on behalf of the medical practice.

We want to service after-hour calls, but don’t want to answer the phones at 2am.

Patients need 24×7 services from their health experts. It is difficult for staff members to stay available all the time. However, it doesn’t mean that you should leave your patients waiting. When you outsource to our Experts, we assist with your client’s calls and messages 24×7 in a HIPAA compliant environment. We can record essential notes, manage on-call scheduling and transfer details to the appropriate staff members on time.

We need to ensure privacy and HIPAA compliance.

Every patient and client wants to know that their information is safe and private.  Your business is required under federal regulation to participate in HIPAA compliant services.  Our medical contact center maintains the necessary data redundancies, facility oversight and operations, and policy adherence to ensure full HIPAA compliance. We even have a complaint mobile app and online portal for self-service tools and message delivery.

We want to reduce staffing cost outsourcing to a professional contact center support.

Many medical practices don’t know that there is no need to hire specialized staff in the front office to handle patient calls. Our team can efficiently manage this responsibility. You can pay a reasonable monthly fee to Call Experts while saving on the salary of a receptionist. Our solutions also ease resource management and ensure proper nurse triage.

We want to assist bilingual customers over the phone, but our team doesn’t speak Spanish.

The chances are that many of your patients are not comfortable with English. No problem, this doesn’t mean that you have to hire bilingual staff in your front office. Our qualified and well-trained Experts provide bilingual services to all your patients and maintain the healthy relationship between your practice and service seekers.

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