Franchises are growing and becoming more abundant than ever in the US. Today, more than 80% of franchises are local or regional brands. Consumers are building relationships and learning to trust brand names they frequently see across their town. Dimension Data reports that 84% of companies that work to improve their customer experience report an increase in revenue. It is essential to maintain outstanding customer experience consistently across your entire franchise system. This consistency comes from understanding your customer’s journey and keeping protocols streamlined. 

Do you ever review the demands and preferences of your current and potential customers? 

Are you able to deliver and monitor customer support at every location in your franchise network? 

Can you easily pull system-wide reports related to employee and customer experiences?


No matter which part of the world you are managing a franchise in, you need tools, protocols, and procedures that support management with transparency and efficiency. However, this is easier said than done. Where do you start? Customer Experience Operating Guidelines. 

Here are six essential tips to consider when creating a protocol to manage your customer experience for a franchise:

  1. Use AI-powered automations to save time. Manage employee requests with HR Call-Out Lines. Handle your customer requests with chatbots and automated greeting services.
  2. Create easy-to-use scripts to streamline Support response. Utilize time-tested scripts and response protocols for routine and emergency calls.
  3. Foster customer loyalty and reviews. Ask for reviews. Respond to the ones that your customer’s leave, especially on google and yelp!
  4. Make it simple for your team. Use on-call scheduling to assign appointments. Primarily if you work with on-call technicians, use the web and mobile applications to assign who should support which issues with efficiency. 
  5. Practice social listening and social monitoring activities. Time is money! Always respond to customer requests on social media promptly.
  6. Take the customer-first mentality. Test out your systems as if you are a customer. Go through every step and ask yourself if it makes sense from the outside. 

Utilize every franchisee to strengthen your brand.

Your franchise’s performance and integrity are the two accurate measures of its success. When done well, your positive impact at each stage of the customer journey creates champions for your brand. When you make a brand that people can relate to, or want to champion, they’re likely to spend more and share their experience with friends. 

Nonetheless, if the customer experience and brand are not in sync with one another, both the franchise and its visions will most likely fail.

Yes, the whole process might seem a little overwhelming as you kick-off your protocol. At Call Experts, we can help optimize your customer experience with ease and offer many of the support tools needed to maximize your team. Our goal is to outline strategies that will draw continued investment in your customer experience and emphasize the reality that your franchise and brand wants to reflect. 

Once you profit from your customer’s experience and realize your franchise’s goals in each stage of the customer journey, you can focus on what you love the most: the services you deliver!