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Team Member Skills Highlight: Scott Witte

Call Experts is the premier call center, answering service, and contact center in South Carolina, North Carolina, and New Jersey.  Our trained experts specialize in customer service, order entry, HR call, sales, information technology, software development, and more.  

We realized that often in any workplace, the people we see every day have interesting hobbies and skills that you never know about.  To highlight the experience and skills of our team members, we put together a fun video series introducing the world to our fantastic team! From our IT managers to executives, to the Experts taking your calls, meet our first highlighted team member below:

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Q: What is your name?  
A: Scott Witte

Q: What is your title? 
A: Director of Customer Care

Q: How long have you worked with CE? 
A: I have been employed with Call Experts for over two years.

Q: Where do you live?
A: I am based in Charleston, SC at the Call Experts Headquarters.

Q: How did you develop your hobby? 
A: I used to play ping pong with my mom when I was a kid. I learned about my patented move, The Smash because I had to end games quickly, so I didn’t miss the school bus. 

Q: Do you model your ping pong after any of the greats? 
A: I really model my game after tennis, the big brother to ping pong.  Pete Sampras is a significant influence because he always had powerful slams!

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