Holidays can be busy, with people traveling and rushing from parties to get-togethers you may be attending and hosting family yourself. With all this hustle and bustle around the holidays and just making it through the usual busy everyday life, we don’t always find time for ourselves and our loved ones when there is a need for rest. The best way to help with that is self-care and making sure everyone stays calm in the chaos of the holidays. One great way to do this is to ensure your family has something fun planned in the days leading up to and after the holidays, even if it is something small. 

Everyone can use an excuse to connect with themselves and their community. When you connect with your friends, family, and society positively, you will begin to forge memories that will cross generations and experiences you’ll likely cherish for the rest of your life. So, this holiday season, between the meal prep, traveling, and everything going on, take some time to do fun activities with your family during the holidays to break up the craziness. 

Here are a few ideas with some details on some fun games for you and your family!

Get Outside and Enjoy the Holidays.

Please make the most of the sunny days while they last. Get a leisurely walk in with the dog or go for a run around the neighborhood—or whatever outdoor activities you enjoy. Whatever you do with this extra time, make sure you take advantage of the holiday to relax and enjoy your time off. Also, make sure that you take in the great outdoors and get some of the much-needed Vitamin D

Sometimes the best way to spend a holiday weekend is not worrying about work, chores, and errands. Instead, if the weather permits, pack up some sandwich ingredients and extra blankets, then head out to a park in your area or ask a family member if they want to do an outdoor Christmas lights event or party.

Plan a Holidays-Themed Treasure Hunt

Hide the presents! The holiday season is upon us, and that means it’s time to get people off their butts and outside to enjoy nature—and ideally, not on the couch where they can get sucked into a Netflix marathon of Black Mirror episodes.

Plan a holiday-themed treasure hunt. Use another person’s house, your house, or your yard. Hide your presents throughout the house. Add in some clues to help them find their way to where you have hidden the gift. When you find the presents, you can open them. The children will love the activity and appreciate the unique holiday craft. 

Find a Cool Holidays Cookbook, and Do Some Cooking.

Food is a big part of holiday traditions. From the standard American menu on Thanksgiving to the gingerbread baking and spices during Christmas. Food gives parties warmth, and this time of the year is fantastic to gather you and your family together over a good meal.

Try cooking a new recipe during the holidays with your family! Of course, the best is to invite your friends and family on a cooking night and enjoy some good food together. Have you ever tried to cook Italian food during the holidays? Indian food? There are so many traditions that you can try with your family during the holidays—new traditions, new recipes, and of course, new dishes to create.

Set up a Holiday Appetizer and Wine Taste Testing.

Now we are getting into the real core of what it means to host a valuable party. I think everyone would like to do this, but how? There are a lot of logistics behind preparing for a memorable party. Although having the right people over can make almost anything memorable, there is no way to plan for logistics on that. To have the perfect party, you have to put in effort and energy beforehand. However, you have done enough cooking at this point, but you still want the party. 

Start by picking up your favorite holiday appetizers and foods from your favorite restaurant. Some restaurants will cater. Then, set up a wine tasting bar. Make it simple and put out a dozen small wines you’re familiar with to go with the food. Have everyone bring their bottle of something unique they found at a shop or wine tasting and that they would like to share if people are interested. Then, when your friends come over, have fun comparing wines and appetizers while you play some goofy games that will also help you learn more about your friends in the process.

Befriend a Firefighter at a Local Firestation on the Holidays.

Nothing warms the soul like a surprise visit in the days before Christmas. That’s why you should head on down to your local fire station with pastries or handmade treats and a few extra Amazon gift cards to hand out during the holidays.

Select a day this holiday season, such as Christmas day. Be sure to confirm that your local fire station is open on that day. It’s best to pick a day when the station will be mostly empty, so you don’t have to worry about bothering the firefighters who are working. Many fire departments will post their schedules online, making it easier for you to choose. This will surely put them in the holiday mood and give them something to look forward to every day after putting their lives on the line to protect you!