Message-taking is excellent for your business, but your customers will want more than just this service. They don’t want you to send bland messages; they want real interactions. They want to sample the service and get a sense of your customer service capabilities. They want to leave a message and instantly receive a solution. They want to make appointments, place orders, and get responses on one call, not wait for a callback. That’s why you need to make sure that you diversify your services as much as you can.

Why does this matter?

Customers are always trying to obtain a personalized and unique experience, and if you don’t offer them that, they will go somewhere else. Consumers want to make sure that you care about them, and if you provide excellent value, they will always come back. They don’t just want you to send or receive messages. Also, this service doesn’t personalize anything. Your company needs to take the calls, provide information, ask and reply to questions related to situations, book appointments, report outages, and so on. The more value you offer here, the better it will be for your customers, and for your business.

Should you do more than message-taking?

Yes, because it will eliminate the need for a client to call back for almost 75% of the calls. It’s a much better experience for the customer. Does it matter? Of course, it’s a tremendous return on investment, and it’s a critical intangible in the customer support process.

Where can you apply this solution?

This type of approach works for any business. It doesn’t matter if you have a brick and mortar business or an online one. You need to diversify the way you connect with your customers and employees if you want to get the best possible outcome all the time. Our team offers solutions based in after hours, order taking, appointment setting, inbound/outbound lead generation, HR call lines, customer support/helpdesk, on-call scheduling, and more. The value is always there, and our focus is to make everything more natural and better for the customer.

You have to adapt your process to incorporate efficiency and availability for your customers. We make sure that you bring your customer a pleasant experience every time. Be kind, respectful and try to offer multiple solutions no matter what. It just takes a moment, and you can work with your dedicated account manager to develop a script that addresses all your needs! Offer a solution, not just a line for messages.