What will disrupt customer service in 2018? This is the question that everyone is asking themselves in the customer support industry. It is essential to stay on top of the most up-to-date trends in order to make sure that your business is always stronger than the competition. Keep reading here to learn all our thoughts on what is going to disrupt customer service.

10 Trends That Will Disrupt Customer Service in 2018

  1. Live chat is developing more customer satisfaction. Consumers want a personalized customer service experience, and better live chat help them get the results they seek with less overhead for you and more efficiency for them.
  2. IVR channels are imperative for your marketing, and they can adapt your customer care process. It is easier for you to offer the best customer service solutions and service to your customers.
  3. Omni-Channel social media management has the potential to improve your customer service and make it easier than ever to strategically utilize interactions and adapt socials to your company’s requirements.
  4. Email support tools templatize and make your support more comprehensive, meaningful, and easy to browse.
  5. Messaging applications, chatbots, and AI offer fast and efficient support that provides an immediate solution for your customers.
  6. Your company must have a combination of human and digital interactions in your customer service division. The reason is simple, some tasks can be automated, and some are more complex.
  7. Focus on self-service. By adding the proper self-service channels, you will obtain more efficiency and better value from client interactions.
  8. Reporting KPIs, visualization products, and tools are vital to your company’s strategy and understanding of your customers.
  9. Always study the data you acquire from customers. The more you study, the easier it will be to figure out what issues they encounter. Together we can create predefined solutions for potential customer issues and find efficiencies.
  10. Everyone is looking for mobile customer support. People always have mobile phones nearby, and with quick, reliable support you can separate your business.

Disrupt customer service for your business.

There are a lot of unique trends in the customer service world right now. Every business needs to take these into account and begin to adapt business practices. From generating more leads to helping your customers faster, Call Experts is your customer support partner!