In today’s times, you may be asking yourself, how do I prepare for the worst and maintain business continuity? Establishing an infrastructure that supports a remote workforce is the wisest decision for a business. When done correctly, you increase the efficiency of your team and the creativity of employees. Your company to open its scope in hiring, finding talent in different locations than what was maybe previously available. But, there are steps required to build a successful remote workforce from the beginning.

Here are five tips and technologies that can help you create and support a successful remote workforce:

1. Hardware is a must.

First and foremost, to go remote, you need these elements to stay connected:

  • Desktop or laptop
  • Fast internet connection
  • Phone Line

Each of your employees should have these items so you can keep in touch throughout your day. Even though you’re remote, you still need teams to collaborate with ease and comfort. Also, you may need to consider remote access to your servers and hard drives. (unless you are using cloud-based programs like the ones mentioned below 😀)

2. Find a communication tool that works and use it.

Collaboration and connectivity is a prime concern when creating and managing a remote workforce. There are a variety of video conferencing and chat applications to choose from in the marketplace. Build requirements, research the applications, and decide based on what’s best for your business. Once the decision is made, scale the product across your organization. Understand the technology and use it well and often to genuinely fill the need you identified before investing in the tool! Here are some of our favorites:

3. Employee call-out systems and attendance tracking will save you time and money.

Even when the work is done remotely, it is important to make it easy for your team to call-out when necessary. With the AI-powered HR call-out line from Call Experts, employees use an automated phone line to record their absences easily. Once submitted, your management team will receive instant SMS or email notifications. At any point, you can log into your portal and search for absenteeism data by employee name and ID, time of call, the reason for call-out, type of call-out, confirmation number, and any other custom fields you need. Learn more!

4. Project management systems are your friend.

Project management systems provide easy, virtual oversight into multiple projects. They also provide the structure and organization of a project. Some of our favorite tools include:

5. File-sharing tools bring consistency.

A file-sharing tool is a must when working virtually. The documents and large files that need to be shared across multiple inboxes are endless and cannot be overlooked! Bring consistency across states, countries, and oceans; it’s beneficial to have a file-sharing tool in-house. Dropbox is one of the best file-sharing tools, with a free and paid version. Other tools include:

Today, with the variety of tools and technologies available, it’s easier than ever to create and foster a successful remote workforce. At Call Experts, your success is important to us. To learn about how our AI-powered HR call-out line can save your organization time and money, please email us or call now!