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A 2014 report showed that Americans spend around $600 billion on average during the winter holiday season. If we look at the latest numbers, the amount has shown a massive rise to $721 billion in the year 2018.

Higher retail sales and holiday business hours lead to higher call volume at contact centers. Below we have highlighted a few tricks and strategies to deal with holiday season spikes to balance your workflow and ensure the best customer service for your clients and customers.

Uninterrupted communication

Those who are offering speical sales, services, and products are advised to focus on constant communication for every part of their organization. Ensure active collaboration with your customer using contact center support, and support distribution, sales, and marketing teams. Our team is capable of handling holiday-specific delays, hours of operation, priorities, and operations. Our on-demand training helps our frontline Experts manage the extra hours.

Prepared for the spike

There is no doubt that the winter holiday season gets stressful with rising retail madness. The most critical issues occur when your team is not prepared for the seasonal spikes. With decades of experience, we are able to estimate in advance absenteeism and holiday season peaks, and our agents are trained to deal with the season accordingly. Such preparations also ensure satisfactory customer experiences by avoiding hard to pass stressful days.

Essential tweaks

We observe the holiday season based on call center KPI and SLA. Our Supervisors pay close attention to reduce incident rates and the average length of waits. Some changes to your outbound processes are essential as well so that customers can get regular updates about delivery timings, on-call schedules, and standing orders during holiday hours. Our team always reaches out two weeks before the holidays as a reminder to make changes.

Celebrate the achievements

Our best idea to manage these hours of stress is keeping the morale of our teams high. Our Supervisors, Operations, and HR Departments work together to craft some fun themes to boost the enthusiasm of our teams and make sure everyone feels relaxed. Holiday week includes an ugly sweater day, decorations, donuts and coffee day, PJ day, and the world-famous Cally Awards. It is essential to embrace a positive attitude to lead extraordinary customer experiences. Our teams is always motivated to achieve and share the holiday cheer.

We are ready to make the best out of this holiday season!

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