Over the past eight months, the business landscape has been totally unprecedented and difficult to predict.  The impact of coronavirus, or COVID-19, has far surpassed many people’s worst expectations. While the whole world eagerly awaits a vaccine to deal with the COVID-19, the impact of closures and social distancing has caused severe financial risks for businesses with complicated repercussions at all stages (hard to drive growth). 

Throughout the pandemic, businesses have had to implement new strategies to manage supply chains, meet demand cycles, and handle remote operations. It has been a rapid reorganization of business procedures and functions to adjust to what is now the new normal. And, we haven’t seen the end of it yet. But, there are some things that you can do to support surviving and thriving during COVID-19.

Read our ideas for businesses to drive growth during and after COVID-19:

1. Track expenses.

Pandemic or not, this is important to your business. However, in this hour of emergency, the essential thing that every business needs to do is conduct adequate assessments of variable and fixed expenses. The detailed evaluation may help you analyze your company and where you can cut costs to make it financially stable in the future. Cashflow management strategies are required to deal with the pandemic.

2. Business model feasibility.

The market trends are changing with each passing day. Because of this scenario, you may need to reassess your business model. It is essential to evaluate collections, new sales, credit cycles, product offerings, and potential debts. Pandemic has brought many issues into the spotlight, and it is the right time to check the feasibility of your business model to address them.

3. Transparent communication.

Consumers are the most significant assets to all businesses. The pandemic has been challenging for all of us. The best way to deal? Be transparent with your consumers. 

As long as communication is transparent, consumers can also empathize with the businesses. Moreover, you will find better ways to understand their needs while building healthy relationships in the long run.

4. Manage employees with ease.

Big companies are now allowing their employees to work from home. Considering the new social distancing protocols and lockdown measures, the work from home trend has given employees opportunities to learn online. At the same time, businesses can maintain workflow without putting their employees’ health at risk and often save on overhead. How are you managing your employee call-0ut process? Email us to learn how we can help.

5. Move your business online.

As it has become risky to visit local markets and malls, people these days are eager to order everything online. And, they expect fast and easy support over the phone. Therefore, every business needs to offer services online while ensuring enhanced convenience to the buyers. Virtual campaigns make it easier to grab the audience’s attention. For example, restaurants can not serve at the same capacity in their physical location. Therefore, many restaurants must improve their website to accommodate web ordering and offer delivery.  

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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought new challenges to the business sector; following the right strategies can help you drive growth and stay ahead of competitors. Call Experts has over 40 years of experience supporting businesses through natural disasters, pandemics, and other emergencies. With experienced protocols tested through real-life situations, we are confident that we can help keep your business afloat!