Whether you search on the internet or read it in a newspaper article, it’s easy to find lists for the best place to work in Charleston. Offices that offer fun, unusual advantages. From beer on tap and dogs in the office to free lunches and team-building bowling nights, businesses in Charleston are offering more than ever to entice employees.

But, some experts claim that these sorts of advantages aren’t really what makes a great workplace. Instead, what attracts the most qualified talent is a workplace that meets individuals’ needs — like autonomy, flexibility, compassion, teamwork, and development opportunities for new knowledge or leadership training. 

Best Place To Work in Charleston Lists – The Low Down.

By simply googling “best places to work Charleston, SC 2021,” you will find several lists available for your perusal. However, there are flaws with these lists. For instance, they’re often self-selecting. What does this mean? Organizations have to connect with the organization creating the list and know they’re interested in being a part of the program. 

Understanding how companies get nominated for the best place to work lists can clarify why in some cases, you see one firm that’s high on one listing but not present on another. 

When you’re looking for a list to follow, look at what information they are gathering. For example, does the list look closely at the psychological experiences of employees and the benefits that provide support and flexibility for family planning and care? Or, is it just the flashy items related to food, gaming, etc.?

Consider what the list is gauging.

Some may merely include odd office spaces or unique facilities; that’s not always helpful to you. 

A business can have one of the most pricey billiards tables worldwide. However, if there’s a negative preconception around taking breaks, the culture will not permit the use of the table. 

It’s not always about amenities; it is almost always about the attitude of management. For example, are you expected to work hard with no space for play? Or, are you encouraged to work hard and create space to refill your cup? 

If you can’t trust the lists, what should you search for when looking for the best place to work in Charleston?

Here are a few tips to help you understand what you may be looking for in a company that isn’t compensation, benefits, or time off related.

Firstly, find a business that prioritizes your emotional needs. 

Excelling professionally takes more than skill and education; it takes teamwork, leadership, and support. Organizations that focus on their staff member’s needs and prioritizes their health and wellbeing; often tend to have a more dedicated and involved workforce that produces more for the business 

Do you have an opportunity to continue your education through training? Is there a path for leadership development? Are their channels in place to make sure communication is open so you can feel heard? Finding a business that prioritizes training, teamwork, and innovation can help guarantee your growth with their company. 

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Secondly, find an organization that prioritizes recovery time just as much as hard work. 

How can you be sure of this? First, make sure they offer ample break space in their office. Second, understand PTO and attendance policy. Last, try to speak to an existing employee to see what it is like to work at the company.

We have restricted psychological bandwidth. So employers ought to encourage workers to take breaks before, after, or throughout work. 

Does the potential employer offer private spaces or rooms where employees can recharge between shifts and on their breaks? There’s so much information that shows that resting for approximately half an hour has a rewarding result. 

Finally, find an organization that aligns with your values and makes you happy! 

This tip can be a little more challenging than the other two. But, research has shown that individuals are the happiest when they are assisting others and receiving acknowledgment for it. 

Although financial compensation is always essential to feeling valued, it is far more than just money that makes someone happy. Being on a team that supports others and creates opportunities to celebrate your wins is extremely valuable.


What’s all the hype with these top 10 lists for the best workplace? Are they an excellent way to look for up-and-coming businesses in Charleston, SC? And, what should you look for when you want to find the best place to work in Charleston? In this article, we answer these questions and more. If you are looking for a great place to work in Charleston, visit our careers page to learn more about working at Call Experts.