Robocalls are impossible and we can’t stand them any more than you!

Stopping unwanted calls and texts!

There is no question that unwanted calls and texts are the most annoying and frequent intrusions that people face every day. A large number of people have begun filing complaints with the FCC citing illegal calls and texts sent to their phones. Today we are going to talk about the different calls that people often get and what can be done to stop them!


The robocall is a telemarketing call with a pre-recorded message. These machines will autodial all day long to get people to sign up for all kinds of deals or small investments. The best way to avoid these is to get your phone number registered on the do not call list. Blocking robocalls is also a service that your telecom provider might be able to help you with, so we advise taking the time to get that done if you are receiving these calls on a frequent basis.  A resolution will help you secure your personal identity information and eliminate this annoyance.

More Helpful Tips


This call type is easily identifiable as it involves a system that will falsify the information sent to your caller ID.  By disguising the identity of the caller, they try to get personal information from you for fraudulent activities. You should never give any sensitive information, account numbers, or social security numbers on the phone regardless of what the person on the other line says and what the caller id says. Be careful when you answer calls from people you do not know.

How to stop them

Spam messages.

There are many situations in which people start receiving unwanted emails and also unwanted texts on mobile devices. The first line of defense is to avoid giving your phone number to people randomly or posting on websites. Some of these spammers will browse around classified ads and take addresses from those sites to add to their mailing lists. You can also use your junk mail filter for email, and never respond to any unsolicited texts. With more awareness of the kind of the tricks people use to get information, you will be able to guard yours at all times.

How to stop them

We hope that all of these tips help you keep your information safe from any suspicious activity.