Real estate agents and property managers, if your business takes too long to react to requests and return messages, your renters, buyers, and owners can get disappointed. Then, word will spread. And from there, you will become the company that has poor customer service and doesn’t care about your clients. Instead, be known as the company that keeps renters supported and happy. 

According to Nielsen, 92% of people trust recommendations from friends and family over any other type of advertising.

Quality word-of-mouth promotions about your outstanding support from your dedicated clients will make you stand out amongst the rest. When your occupants are comfortable, you’ll have the ability to fill vacancies quicker, maintain competitive market rates, and develop yourself as a quality residential or commercial property management business.

More than 55% of property managers state they want to improve customer service, providing a more social face to the business.

According to XANT, you should follow up with web leads and make contact with them in under five minutes (speed to lead). We know 50% of sales will go to the first person to make contact with them, and the agent that makes at least six follow-up contacts has a 90% higher chance of getting a response and converting the online lead. 

The contact center is the essential partner for your business. Our team is professionally trained at Call Experts with nearly 40 years of experience. We answer for your business. We specialize in offering your real estate or property management company services. These services include customer hotlines, outbound lead generation, call forwarding, paging, dispatching, appointment scheduling, and more. Contact us for help now.

Why is a 24-hour contact center essential for real estate and property management professionals?

Running a property management or real estate business requires scalable protocols. And, they need to be maintained with up-to-date details and procedures. Understanding and predicting future client needs allows our team to create a script and protocol.

The results? Securely stored messages with the ability to search the database, fast responses to your prospects, more appointments for your team, better lead qualification, and expedited emergencies routed to the correct people. 

  • Do your occupants encounter issues like a leaking faucet or a smoke detector that will not switch off?
  • Are your prospects calling at all times and last minute to schedule appointments?
  • Is it too difficult to prospect and qualify all of your leads?

Contact centers and AI-powered technologies allow you to worry no more. We got you! 

Did you know our team offers mobile, interactive on-call scheduling? Contact us here to learn more.

Emergency assistance with practical action.

It is essential to keep all clients safe and happy, whether residential or commercial, buyers or tenants. If an emergency occurs, don’t leave your callers waiting for assistance. 

Develop a basic emergency protocol that consists of escalation protocols, including calling 911 or other emergency services, and consider partnering with reputable contact centers so that your occupants have a contact where they can report their emergencies. Also, call centers can assist with triage on those late-night calls to loop you or your management personnel in when an immediate reaction is needed.

Answering Service.

Call center representatives manage all incoming and outgoing calls, so you can focus on creating chances and closing more offers.

  • In today’s real estate market, it’s highly competitive, your callers should reach a real live individual in real-time every time they call you.
  • Because our call center representatives have years of experience managing countless calls related to real estate and property management, we experience assisting these potential customers.
  • We customize your package, plan, and scripts to your customers’ requirements. This includes lead qualification, offer requests, appointment management, reporting outages, emergency management, and on-call scheduling.

Customer care.

With the help of property call center services, you can quickly supply your clients with polite and responsive 24/7 assistance without compromising your flexibility. 

  • Given that reality deals involve a significant amount of cash and property management includes emergencies, utilize call center representatives that master constructing trust with clients instead of using a voicemail.
  • Another advantage is that call center representatives use customer protocols and scripts to offer your consumers precise solutions and up-to-date info without troubling you.
  • Ensure your customers and clients understand that you are within reach whether they require help after work hours or on weekends.

Lead Processing.

Are your leads streaming in? Are you spending too much of your time booking appointments and qualifying prospects? With an expert call center processing your leads and appointment scheduling, you can quickly capture necessary information without picking up your phone.

Do you already have this team internally? Avoid the additional expense of employing and training. Cut on payroll, benefits, and overhead by outsourcing your lead processing to a contact center.

  • Among the many advantages of outsourcing your lead processing is that it permits you to focus on your service without missing telephone calls or opportunities. No one wants lost leads to competitors.
  • We work as an extension of your business and follow your directions to offer personalized options and let you identify what details need to be gathered and delivered to your company via email, SMS, and a real-time portal.
  •  Call center software applications integrate with your CRM to enable seamless connectivity.

Appointment Scheduling for real estate agents and property managers.

Scheduling visits should not be pricey for your business. Call center services guarantee that all your visit-associated telephone calls are managed expertly, recorded, and you are always alerted.

  • Today, many people do not have time to schedule throughout their working hours. However, with call center services, you can quickly accommodate all of your customers’ scheduling requirements 24/7/365.
  • Call centers assist your clients in arranging their visits. You can focus your personnel on other essential jobs.
  • Call center software application is rather versatile. In other words, it can quickly be incorporated with your existing scheduling software application to accommodate any scheduling circumstances. However, we can also send you quick SMS or email updates to alert you of any critical appointments or updates.


Call Experts offers award-winning scripts and protocols, so your clients are never left waiting. Utilize our residential or commercial property management and real estate services to record and report service demands. And, schedule work orders and appointments and manage your on-call. 

We’re a customer-focused call center service that provides versatile options to ensure exceptional service delivery while keeping and enhancing your brand and reputation. Most importantly, we do it, so you don’t have to. We are here to help real estate agents and property managers. Call us today at 800.374.0911.