It is time to celebrate the holiday season; everyone is excited to shop and give gifts to their loved ones near and far. For your business, this season can be a challenging phase, the holiday rush. Although businesses grow and flourish during the holidays, the holiday rush can be overwhelming with the increase in customer requests and orders. Consumers can be demanding, and at this time of year, their needs should be at the forefront of every business owner’s mind.

The rise in demand leads to an increase in call volume. For too many customers, this also means longer wait times. The reach of these frustrations goes beyond revenue. Businesses feel the influence of these negative support experiences on social media channels and email-based customer communications. The solution? A well-seasoned contact center will help!

Call Experts has managed over three decades of holiday seasons for businesses and has processes and tools to ensure smooth management of your holiday rush. We partner with your company to handle the increased call volumes and demanding consumers. Our solutions ensure customer satisfaction, maximized revenue, and optimized protocols. Here are some of the tips and tricks we use to stay ahead of the holiday madness and keep your callers happy:

Understand your holiday call volumes.
To prepare for increased holiday call volumes, we check the historical data of the previous holiday seasons. This helps us forecast our holiday traffic trends and understand which days and weeks will most likely hit peak times in call volume. During onboarding, we set your preferences. Once we know this, we can adjust staffing requirements accordingly to ensure full coverage and shorter wait times.

Adjust staffing to handle an increase in requests and orders.
We adequately staff for holiday traffic. Our seasoned contact center agents, Experts, receive additional training on how to handle tasks during peak hours more efficiently. Often, we pair new agents with more experienced agents to encourage quick troubleshooting on the floor. Our management and executive teams are dedicated to understanding our staffing requirements. Through proprietary reporting technologies and detailed holiday protocols, our team is prepared for the holiday rush. There is no doubt that customers expect 24×7 service and support during the holidays, so rely on the Experts.

Incorporate technology to bring efficiency and cost savings.
AI-powered phone lines offer reliable and trustworthy solutions for your holiday season traffic. Often, more affordable and cost-effective, integrating automation into your phone line can help you save time and develop reporting. Our advanced software tools are capable of reducing hold time, maximizing interactions, and predicting consumer behavior. Best of all, it helps us avoid answering robocalls and automated spam.

Execute your holiday promotions with ease.
Most companies present special offers to customers during the holidays to help boost customer engagement and acquisition. To make sure each of our clients gets the most out of their marketing budgets, we make sure our dedicated agents are fully educated to offer support and prepared to optimize interactions for revenue.

Always offer quality service 24/7/365.
We monitor all our calls through our Quality Assurance Department, so you don’t have to. Your holidays should be free of worry. Our team listens and coaches so that our Experts can focus on picking up customer calls quickly and with high quality in all engagements. The holiday season is the best time to develop emotional connections with your customers, which can be a competitive edge for your business in the market.