Now more than ever, it’s relevant to understand and optimize your customer touchpoints. According to Forbes, “customer-centric companies are 60% more profitable than companies that don’t focus on customers.” AI-powered tools and contact center solutions offer efficiency and a better understanding of your customer experience. With this support, your team can focus on the most expeditious route to optimal support.

Here are some of our tips and tricks to provide a quality experience to your customer base:

Self-service customer touchpoints. 

According to the Pew Research Center, “more than one-in-three Americans active in the current labor force (35%) are Millennials.” Spending around 600 billion a year in the US, millennials have redefined how businesses interact with and retain customers. Millennials prefer digital solutions to find resolution with their routine problems.

Include a detailed FAQ section on your website, support documents, interactive mobile apps, online communities, and web-based chatbots to support customer’s needs. Also, by incorporating these solutions into your customer journey, you can provide self-service options for your customers and help reduce the number of calls to your support team. Improve your business and your customer’s experience!

Text message

Sometimes, voice communication can cause issues for customer service and may cause inconvenience in communication. Many customers prefer text; SMS messaging almost always ensures better engagement with the recipient. Stats reveal that people share more than 22 billion text messages per day. More than 90% of people like to interact with businesses through text messages.

Helpful hint: When setting up your protocols, ensure that you are aware of any chat enabled platforms that pose restrictions on the word and character count.

Omnichannel experience

Do you want to understand the entire customer journey for your company? Would this support efficient customer service?

When your team is using multiple channels to interact with customers, it is frustrating for customers to repeat information time and again. Also, incorrect information can easily get spread throughout your entire customer base.

Automation and advanced contact center applications support you and can bring quick awareness to customer concerns. This allows your business the opportunity to deliver a timely solution to please your customers.

Make sure your customer support channels are more responsive, providing customers an opportunity to love staying connected to you. Create a custom experience that ensures complete satisfaction with your target audience.