HR professionals play a critical role in driving growth, change, and providing support! Whether it is attracting and retaining world-class talent, managing employee absenteeism, or supporting communication during an emergency, it’s essential to focus on tools that help your HR operations team optimize their output. 

HR operations can be somewhat complicated. First, professionals must understand a diverse set of rules and laws. Then, HR teams must create protocols and processes that can scale throughout an organization. An example? The onboarding process for every new hire. Also, directors, managers, and even absence specialists must handle a slew of forms, double-check handwritten errors and typos, re-route shortlisted content, and fix prominent issues before moving ahead.

Oh yeah, and the HR team is responsible for expense reports, employee vacation requests, absence management, and performance management duties. As you can tell, HR teams are responsible for many sensitive and vital employee and business information. Make your HR team’s job more manageable and less manual! Utilize automated tools to support and optimize your team’s time while securely storing your data in a centralized database. 

3 Tips to Automate HR Operations.

Automated HR systems make it easier for your HR teams to manage everything while keeping processes streamlined for employees and leadership. With accurate, meaningful reporting, these automated systems can help your business grow and stay competitive in your industry. 

Here we have listed three unique ways to automate your business to support your HR team and employees’ needs! 

1. Employee absence management.

  • How do your employees report absences? Is it easy for them? 
  • What information is collected when an employee reports their reason for absence? 
  • Can leadership review company-wide employee absence information with ease? 
  • Can you update the process to accommodate events like COVID-19 quickly? 

AI-powered absence reporting creates one place where all employees go to report absences and submit requests. The process will minimize the risk of error and centralizes your data. Once your data is in one place, you can access dashboards to understand trends and easily export reports and employee data. Did you know Call Experts can offer all of these benefits and more in one product? Click here for more information. 

2. Company-wide communication.

  • How do you share critical information to your employees, customers, and partners? 
  • How do you keep in touch with your team day-to-day, minute-to-minute? 
  • Can leadership review company-wide communications? 

It is essential to have communication systems that support emergencies, day-to-day needs, and accountability. Today, there are many fantastic project management and chat tools to help your team’s daily needs and responsibilities. You should test out SlackTrelloAsana, etc.

For emergencies and mass messaging, utilize company-wide SMS, especially if your internet or power is out due to bad weather or a storm! With an experienced contact center partner like Call Experts, send mass SMS or emails whenever you need, to whoever you need. Whether it’s a natural disaster, pandemic, or other emergencies, we can help you communicate quickly and effectively.

3. Data analysis.

  • How do you receive alerts related to your team?
  • What trends are you currently analyzing across your organizations?
  • Do you utilize real-time dashboards and have 24-7 access to your employee data?

Digital and cloud-based software make it easier to analyze, process, visualize, and compare employee data. Understanding trends helps leaders make strategic decisions related to hiring, staffing, and scheduling that impact the business. The Call Experts portal provides critical visualizations of your employee data with exportable reports. With this, risk factors can be analyzed more effectively, you can make smarter decisions with scheduling, and high-performing employees can be retained in the long run.


Gone are the days when HR teams have to spend all their time handling cumbersome paperwork, files, and manual tasks that welcome human error. Modern, advanced technologies have automated everything, and it has now become more accessible for HR teams to focus on strategy and ideas. AI-powered HR systems at your company make it easier to grow while ensuring higher productivity at your workspace. 

At Call Experts, we have over 40 years of experience providing operational support to businesses. Our AI-powered HR call-out lines make it easy for your employees to report absences, for your HR team to remain organized and focused, and for your leadership to see the data they need to make smarter decisions. Understanding employee absenteeism is essential to maintain and grow your business! Please email us to learn more.