A well-researched Covid-19 absence management plan can ensure that your business is organized and transparent with your staff. Also, you can reduce the risk of claims and ensures compliance for all absences, especially the ones related to Covid-19. 

Have you ever tried to fit ten pounds of potatoes into a five-pound bag? What about an elephant in your fridge? Probably not, but the point is that sometimes when you’ve got something big to manage, it can be tricky. 

It’s about more than just tracking sick leave. As an employer, it’s your job to look after your staff’s wellbeing. Support them in times of sickness and help them return to work for the benefit of all. But ensuring your team is well looked after doesn’t mean you have to hound them every time they call in sick. 

If you want to transform your absence management into one that supports your business and staff simultaneously, here are five tips to creating a successful Covid-19 absence management plan.

Benefits of a Covid-19 Absence Management Plan

A comprehensive Covid-19 absence management policy is about more than just tracking sick leave. It’s your job to look after your staff’s wellbeing, support them in times of sickness and help them return to work for the benefit of all. But ensuring your team is well looked after doesn’t mean you have to hound them every time they call in sick. 

If you want to transform your absence management plan into one that supports your business and staff, at the same time, understand there’s more to it than a spreadsheet. For example, it would help with cutting-edge automations with live agent support to create time for your admin team and money for your bottom line. 

The Attendance Bridge from Abridged Tech, the AI Partner of Call Experts, records all COVID-19 absence details and provides trends on absences and several other HR needs. Also, the automations instantaneously alert your supervisors with symptoms noted. This helps for reporting to local agencies, a paper trail for management, and filling shifts.

Many businesses and departments created a COVID-19 plan to ensure that they had easy access to COVID-19 records and absenteeism reports at all times and whenever the need arises. So, what are the five keys to a successful Covid-19 Absence Management Plan?

Top 5 Keys To A Your Covid-19 Absence Management Plan.

Covid-19 specific reporting is essential for your business and compliance with local, state, and federal agencies.

Your business is more safe, productive, and profitable with a proper COVID-19 absence management plan. One of the many benefits is improving and optimizing your absence reporting process, which means more time for you and your supervisors to manage absences than sitting at a computer manually entering information into a spreadsheet. 

A detailed reporting system using the Attendance Bridge attendance management software makes it easy for an employer to understand all of their absences from employees based on location, employee id, region, or corporate views. Also, the web-based portal provides 24-7-365 access to all of your records.

You must be tracking the first reports of Covid in your business to the minute with detailed shift information. Also, not many people understand that recording the symptoms your team member is feeling at the time of absences is essential for your liability. 

Make it easy for your team to report absences.

A phone line is the easiest way for your team to report an absence. By dialing into a local or toll-free number, your team is directed through an automated phone line guided by voice prompts and keypad touchtones. You can also configure the system to automatically send an email or text message notifying you of the absence. 

With a phone line on hand, your whole team can more easily stay in touch on days when they need off and help avoid unnecessary no-call/no-shows on busy days. Create a culture of convenience and improve your employee experience by giving your employees a convenient phone line to report absences. Empower your supervisors, managers, and leadership with one centralized system for managing absences, tracking trends, and notifying supervisors of absences.

Receive immediate notifications of Covid-19 absences to quarantine teams and updating staffing needs.

Absence management is a crucial part of any business’s success. With Attendance Bridge, you’re able to notify supervisors and team members, update staffing needs and send immediate responses to employees with confirmation numbers.

Protect your staff from the spread of the virus when employees have been exposed to Covid-19. Provide practical communication tools so those out on the floor can be informed of those ill and the steps they should take to self-isolate themselves. Set up mass communication with single or bulk user notifications.

You will receive immediate, automated SMS and email notifications of absences. For example, after hours an absence is reported, you receive an immediate text message to notify your staff. Leverage the latest system-wide features of Attendance Bridge to save time and increase your facility’s flexibility.

Always offer someone to talk to.

Your Covid-19 Absence Management Plan must include live agent support. You can easily forward your absence management protocol to our lines when your office is closed or overwhelmed. 

Live support is designed to allow you to skip the automated phone line. The, get the right to the answers with an English-speaking agent. They can help you resolve simple issues or give you pointers on more advanced questions and how they work. Our 24/7/365 support ensures that employees can get help quickly and easily.

Your business can always be open, even when you’re not. The Covid-19 Absence Management Service will answer calls and process absences for your company. Our live agents will take information over the phone and update absence records immediately. Simply “share the load” of absence management with our automated service.

Understanding your trends will allow you to empower smart scheduling.

With real-time outbreak reporting, you can create reports based on your locations or departments. Understand which location, regions, or offices contribute to Covid-19 outbreaks, and develop plans that target specific high-risk regions or departments. Know exactly where to deliver targeted prevention messaging to reduce the spread of Covid-19 in your organization.

Also, the data answers multiple questions related to absenteeism. View historical data, compare locations, see where outbreaks are coming from. Then, integrate public health information about the Covid-19 case.

The user-friendly interface allows users to create reports and find answers to tough questions related to absenteeism and Covid-19. Unfortunately, the more things change, the more they stay the same – water always flows downhill. If a location has a high risk of being hit by a flood of absences, you need to know to be prepared.

At Call Experts, we want to help you ‘welcome absences’ and manage them more effectively. We know that effective absence management is crucial for your organization. But did you know that absence management can also help you: reduce sickness absence costs and boost employee productivity? It all starts with a good, user-friendly, and secure Covid-19 absence management plan. And we’ve got just the thing.