Sometimes companies will execute employee time tracking by using a sign-in sheet when entering and leaving the workplace. Likewise, the conventional method of requesting time off, sick leave, or tardiness is by calling your supervisor, and the supervisor records the absence on a spreadsheet. 

Does either of these situations sound like your company? Of course, there are more advanced ways for employee time tracking since it entails much more than just signing in and out. 

Employee time tracking has become increasingly important for employers over time. Especially as compliance, automation, and cloud-based technologies have begun to dominate the workplace. The primary purpose is to streamline the work of HR departments, allowing them to ensure the attendance of their employees, check their work pace, stay ahead of shift scheduling, and reduce costs.

This article will discuss employee time tracking and the traditional HR process with customer service and live agent support

What is the employee time tracking process?

Let’s start with the basic idea of time tracking. Employee time and attendance tracking is a process that determines the exact amount of time that each employee spent working for a particular company. Thus, it is possible to define the further work of this employee and efficiently since all their activities will be structured according to a specific algorithm. Therefore, every minute will be accounted for, and it will be possible to determine who works on a project and who doesn’t. This is very important in both small companies where the employees usually work on several projects simultaneously or different departments of corporations.

Time tracking is an integral part of managing staff, but not all technology is created for this purpose. Call out technology specialist and Call Experts AI Partner, Abridged Tech, offers a myriad of features built explicitly for hourly employees. These HR-approved, fully customizable solutions are mobile device compatible and provide managers and executives with insight into your staff’s schedules that you otherwise would not have.

Time and attendance tracking is an essential stage in workflow and business management and a good insight into the company’s working. By tracking employee time, you can analyze performance and plan further development. In addition, it raises control over both input and output of work time, meaning that employees are responsible for their own time, which makes it easier to track their performance.

What can customer service solutions be applied to employee time tracking processes?

Time tracking software is an essential tool for companies. It allows managers to control employee attendance and spend their time, mainly providing health insurance to employees. Time tracking solutions are a significant expenditure for most organizations. Therefore, the solution’s effectiveness and ongoing viability for your business are critical to consider when deciding to invest. 

Do not underestimate the importance of customer satisfaction as a critical factor in determining whether an HR/time tracking solution provides a value-add instead of a distraction from workplace productivity. Many customer service solutions can be applied to employee time tracking processes. Call out technology is one such example. 

Call out technology allows employees to report when they are not coming onsite with a simple text message response. Through a series of voice prompts and automated voice commands, your team members can report attendance-related data directly to your existing employee time tracking programs. If your team ever has any questions, they can be directed to Call Experts live agents for more details.

The results? Managers and HR can use these responses to increase efficiency and make informed decisions about absence levels. In addition, on-demand status updates using call out enhance the manager’s ability to track employees and execute their daily responsibilities.

The time tracking process is significant to any company, large or small because it empowers companies to retrieve the most accurate data on their employees’ activities. The key is getting your employees to do the heavy lifting and ditching the spreadsheets. The use of customer service centric technology allows you to provide an engaging service that saves your business time and money!

Why is customer service an essential part of the employee time tracking process?

Time tracking is a repetitive process, and employees want to get this out of the way as quickly and efficiently as possible. Using purpose-built call-out technology can eliminate the complications and costs involved with communicating time tracking information and provide employees with a simpler and more efficient way to do it.

For example, employees call automated phone lines with voice prompts and customized questions to provide managers and executives with necessary absence details. Then, the program sends a confirmation to your employees, and your supervisors receive alerts and real-time reports to your dashboard. In addition, employees and managers set language preferences, so everyone communicates in their preferred language. This technology is currently used by ThyssenKrupp, McDonald’s, and Tesla.

It also helps you estimate what hours will be needed for specific work contracts or times of the year. Especially if you are a project or contract-based company, you can hire more or less staff as required. In addition, the data collected can be used as a basis for calculating labor costs and other operating indicators. Finally, you can get a basic understanding of which employees are busy and have enough workload and those who are underperforming.

What are the next steps?

It is clear, one of the fundamental tools that virtually every company, regardless of size, needs is an attendance tracking customer service program. It is a tool used by companies to understand better how employees use their time throughout the day. 

We understand it is not always easy to prioritize employee attendance monitoring, but employees’ time is considered one of the most valuable assets in any business. Therefore, numerous solutions can be implemented if you want to improve labor management and reduce operational costs. 

Find the solution that works best for you and your employees. This is why companies like Abridged Tech and the Attendance Bridge provide fully integrated platforms for managing hourly employees’ work time and attendance. If you are interested in scheduling a demo to learn more about our attendance tracking and employee time tracking systems, please contact us today!