Employee attendance plays an essential role in how your organization functions. Attendance is important because it leads to better planning and helps you understand how regular or irregular your staff members are showing up to the workplace. 

Employee absenteeism can result in severe consequences for organizations. 

Unscheduled absenteeism costs roughly $3,600 per year for each hourly worker and $2,660 each year for salaried employees.

​​This article will give a brief insight into the importance of absence management. And, it will cover the need for an effective employee call-out tracking system. We will also go through some features offered by Attendance Bridge, an automated solution by Call Experts. 

Attendance Bridge is a software dedicated to helping you organize attendance records. And, it will simplify your work by providing reports to keep track of employee’s call-outs and other significant employee absence trends. To get information on this software now, click here

Why is attendance management critical?

When people are present, they are more focused and alert, which leads to greater productivity. Because of this, absenteeism is costly to organizations, businesses, schools, hospitals, and more. 

By providing a real-time picture of the employee absences for your business, the attendance tracking system can help you. It guarantees that you’re being proactive about absenteeism and ensures that everyone is there when it matters. 

In the end, absence tracking is a way companies can track employee time in and out. This tracking keeps them informed about when an individual is or isn’t present for work. Understanding these insights and trends help employers cut down on the costs associated with absenteeism.

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What is the impact of excessive absenteeism on workplace productivity and morale?

The impact of absences on employee morale has been a topic of conversation within organizations for some time. 

Attendance tracking has become an essential part of timesheets and performance reviews. Similarly, it enables managers to see when staff are absent and gives them the ability to remedy the situation. 

Employee absence issues need to be seen as they disrupt the employee’s schedule and the business itself.

According to SHRM, “Absenteeism is a key driver of inadequate staffing and may increase employee stress levels. Poor management of employee absences can lead to a vicious cycle of rising stress levels that negatively affect employee health and morale and lead to even more days of missed work. And, tracking paid time off is important not only for ensuring that employees are treated consistently but also for controlling costs related to paid absences,”

How does Attendance Bridge help you easily manage attendance and gain a deeper understanding of your team members’ working lives?

The golden rule of leadership is: Simple is better. 

Attendance Bridge is easy to learn, easy to implement and has proven results for companies of all sizes. Let us show you how our team members at Attendance Bridge have used our software to improve employee call-outs and productivity. 

Attendance Bridge is a tool that helps your team stay organized. Yet, it can be challenging to maintain absences amidst all the distractions of work and life. And, Attendance Bridge addresses the challenge of managing absences by helping you submit call-out records by phone. Above all, you can monitor employee attendance through a 24/7/365 portal that is constantly updating with new information.


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